Sweet Jesus, why is this happening? For some totally inexplicable reason, the Trump White House insists on thinking that sticking Trump out there every day in front of a microphone in the White House press room is a good idea, it gives him a chance to make his case to the American people. Do any of these shit-for-brains toads actually stand or sit there and listen to what he actually says when he’s out there behind that podium?

God knows that Trump didn’t want to stand there today and defend the outcome of his absolute shit show executive order signing ceremony yesterday at his exclusive golf club resort in Bedminster, surrounded by inane rich shitpokes playing the part of presidential foils. But with the coronavirus refusing to politely just disappear, and the numbers becoming more and more stark and frightening, Trump needed something positive to talk about.

Which leaves of course, the economy, stupid! But the economy isn’t quite the same slam dunk for Trump that it used to be. The fact that tens of millions of Americans are facing eviction or foreclosure, and struggle to put food on the table, even with the help of a food pantry, has brought into stark contrast the divergence between the Wall Street Economy, and the Main Street Economy. But Trump has to work with what he has.

And so, today, His Lowness had to go dumpster diving. And he came up with a rather surprising high point for his vaunted economy. Trump lauded the strength of the used car market! Really?!? Trump is wallowing so far down at the bottom of the barrel that the best thing in the economy he can find to talk about is used car sales?!? 

Look. I have nothing against used cars. I am not a rich man. In my entire life I have had one new car, and that one was a dealer demo model that was marked down. For the most part, I have had good luck with the used cars that I have purchased and driven. But that isn’t the point. (We got our Chrysler Town and Country, thanks to our daughter, from the Disabled American Vets.)

The point is that used car sales are not a driving indicator of the economy. New car sales are a driving indicator for the US economy. The fact that more and more people are purchasing their vehicles from the pasture lot is not good news for Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Chrysler, as well as the foreign car makers, who need people plunking down premium bucks for the newest models!

This is what desperation looks like. The Trump administration has sunk so low that the best economic news that they can come up with for the population is that more and more of them are buying previously owned vehicles because they can’t afford the new ones. Welcome to the Trump economy. It’s a brave new world!

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  1. He’s trump, Joe. You would have a more intelligent conversation with a fence post. And these maggots are so sucked up in his bullshit that they can’t fathom not being there for those Big Mac flavored farts. And if you argue with the moron or try to tell him one of his ideas is insane you aren’t there very long afterwards.

    • You can’t have a conversation with donnie. He has to be the one talking all the time unless he gets everyone prepped to say nice things about him. Sad and desperate for attention creature.

  2. My brother has turned out to be a Trumpster and watches Faux News. He said that Trump’s news conferences would ensure he got re-elected because he was on the tube so much.
    I still have not recovered from how stupid that is. I had to hang up the phone. He would not stop spewing the Faux News talking points..


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