Brian Beutler and Daniel Dale Address Trump’s “Evil Jews” Slander of Ilhan Omar.


(Above – Brian Beutler (R) and Daniel Dale.)

Brian Beutler is the Editor in Chief of Crooked Media. Daniel Dale is a reporter for CNN that closely follows and tries to keep up with fact checking *Resident POS.

Yesterday, on twitter, they each tried to correct the record when Mjango Unchained lied on Camera saying Democratic Congresswomen (we all know who he meant) had called America garbage and used the phrase ‘evil Jews.”

In case you didn’t see this disgrace — (lower video):

Brian’s reaction:

Thank you, Brian.

Last night I reacted viscerally to this outrage and posted this calling for the liar to be de-platformed by the networks.

Many called me out for being unrealistic, and maybe I was.

Brian has a better solution.

The Networks must stop broadcasting raw footage of this idiot’s lies and agitprop on live TV and only post video after it has been vetted and the proper disclaimers are put in place.

I have already sent emails to MSNBC, CNN and Fox News calling for them to adopt this policy.

I request that you all do so also.

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David Bishop
David Bishop

But you’re asking the networks to actually stand for something and do more work than just pressing buttons and letting a recording play.