John Brennan penned his first Op-Ed since retiring, one written for the Washington Post. But the article was not as interesting as his answer on Morning Joe, when asked why he feels the need to speak out now. His candor was refreshing, the accuracy – impossible to argue. Via Raw Story:

 …because of the abnormal and aberrant behavior of Mr. Trump that very much concerns us because of the negative impact we believe it is having on our national security,” as well as the “bad signal that it sends to our young Americans, as I say in the op-ed, who look upon him as somebody who should be emulated …

I don’t believe this aspect of Trump’s inability to do job gets talked about enough. Not only does he rip this country apart due to the lack of any sort of relevant background or ability, we are less safe internationally because of it.

Brennan was far from done:

“His continual lying as well as lack of ethics as well as lack of rigor in terms of the policies that he pursues” also concern the former CIA director and his ilk. 

“It is abnormal for us to speak out as critically and vocally as we have,” Brennan said, “but these are abnormal times and he is an abnormal president.”

“He’s an aberration, and not in a good way,” the former CIA director said. “That’s what gives us the motivation to speak out.”

“Lying and lack of ethics” sticks out. If he is allowed to serve out his term, and god-forbid win another election, there will be a generation of young adults who really don’t know of any other way to be president. Additionally, precedent has been one of the most stringent political principles holding our nation together from the beginning. The “precedent” Trump is setting threatens our kids’ future.

We need to support people like Brennan, the “old-timers,” ones who have the knowledge and experience to see danger, and not mince words in their criticism.



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