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It’s no secret that Breitbart is at war with CNN and has been for some time. Jake Tapper, in particular, has incensed the pre-eminent right wing tabloid most recently by calling them out on their support of rabid anti-Semite Paul Nehlen, a contender for Paul Ryan’s seat in Wisconsin. Yesterday, in an epic exercise in victim shaming, Breitbart said that CNN brought the attack on themselves and Tapper fired back. 

Here’s how Breitbart characterized the attack on CNN.

CNN’s Ana Navarro, one of the last-place network’s far-left commentators, predictably blamed President Trump for the threat against her employer. As of now, though, and while nothing excuses or justifies any kind of death threats, there is no proof that anything other CNN’s own fake news crisis might have provoked a man the New York Post describes as a “maniac” and “increasingly deranged.”

The man’s calls to CNN occurred on January 9 and 10, the days that immediately followed CNN’s Jake Tapper hurling childish insults at White House senior adviser Stephen Miller. The calls also came after a full week of CNN —  using only Michael Wolff’s sketchy book as a source — went into hyper-drive to push the fake news that Trump is mentally ill.

This was also the week after CNN’s Brian Stelter openly trolled Trump by attempting to get the president banned from Twitter.

CNN’s website was just as provocative during this week. Based again on a book the author himself cannot say is accurate, on two separate occasions, CNN floated the idea of removing Trump from office based on the 25th Amendment for mental incapacitation. CNN, however, is floating this idea with no physical or medical evidence to back up these wild insinuations.

Bear in mind that Trump himself is convinced that both the FBI and the Department of Justice are plotting against him via a “secret society” that Republican Senator Ron Johnson has been touting on Fox News, and that Trump and Fox News are in a symbiotic feedback loop of the false and fantastic. The First Amendment is navigating some dark and treacherous waters. 

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