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My, my, my, how the mighty have fallen. First, Steve Bannon, the neo Nazi, ultra nationalist, all around dirtbag who rose to prominence as Trump’s campaign CEO (a made up title) got his pink slip from the White House. And then he tried putting pressure on Trump by backing Judge Roy Moore, an accused pedophile and Gold Medal asshole, in both the Alabama GOP primary, as well as the special election, costing the GOP what should have been a safe Senate seat. And then he unburdened his broad, racist shoulders to authror Michael Wolff about the total incompetence of not only Trump, but the sub room temperature IQ’s of his children and son in law. And I thought that I had busy years sometimes!

These things often come with a cost.And guess what? Today it was time for Steve Bannon to pay the piper. It was announced an hour or so ago that Steve Bannon will be stepping down from his leadership role at, a website he helped to get off of the ground, and took over the helm with the death of publisher Andrew Breitbart.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. When Bannon tossed shine on Trump’s family, he crossed a bridge. The bridge of financial support. When hedge fund lunatic Robert Mercer, and his equally koo-koo-for-cocoa-puffs daughter Rebekah decided to back Trump, they saddled him with cro-magnon rejects like Steve Bannon and KellyAnne Conway. Pushing Bannon on Trump was a two fold maneuver. First, Bannon was almost like an adopted puppy to the Mercers, pushing many of the fringe conspiracy theories they held dear to their hearts. Second, bring Bannon to public prominence was a monetary move, shining a brighter spotlight on Breitbart, in which the Mercer’s were heavily invested.

Rebekah tipped her mitts days ago, announcing that the Mercer family was pulling its support for Breitbart as long as Bennon was holding the reins. Bannon forced a choce by the Mercer’s between him and Trump, and they chose the thorny path to the Trump gingerbread cottage. Bannon had to go, and today he did.

Actually, as a Democrat, I’m sorry to see this. Bannon is now effectively a non factor. I was sooooo looking forward to watching the carnival like festivities of Bannon backed foam mouths running against establishment GOP candidates in the primaries. I have no doubt there will still be some of them popping up out of their holes, drawn to the allure of Trump like a moth to a flame. But Bannon made it interesting. Before he opened his big, fat, racist mouth, the Mercers were willing to bankroll him and his slate of candidates. Now, without either the cash from the Mercer’s, or the free media platform of Breitbart, these far right bed wetter and mouth breathers will no longer be the serious threat they once could have been.

Nice while it lasted Steve-O, and don’t think it hasn’t been a little slice of heaven, cuz it hasn’t!

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