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Breaking on MSNBC, so I do not have transcripts from any news service, but Trump released his 2017 financial disclosures today and they list payments to Michael Cohen of $100,000 to $250,000.

I believe this was the man whom Trump said handled a “fraction” of his work, maybe on the Stormy stuff?

Let me again risk putting my attorney hat on for a moment, I know maybe you guys get sick of it, but this is relevant. We attorney’s operate under strict rules when it comes to billing. Our service is our time. Therefore, bills that go to clients must have a date, an amount of time (our phones have a timer right on them) and then the work done, and “Legal work” does not cover it, it must be “letter to dumbass, 10 minute phone call to prosecutor, write motion to dismiss, speak to client. And the amount of time spent on each endeavor.

Unless one pays their lawyer a flat fee for service, and even then you must list the work done for that client!

Thus, this $100,000 to $250,000 on “legal work” is not at all flying with me, nor should it with you. It means that Cohen violated bar rules (and had a reason) and Trump had no idea what he paid, which is inconceivable, given how much attention he pays to money.

They are lying to hide again, just today. I have already written a story on Kushner having memory lapses during his Senate testimony and noting he got 2 small gifts (doesn’t remember what) that he never recalled before when asked about contacts with Russians on applications for a security clearance.

I am getting angrier by the hour.


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