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I was right earlier today when I wrote a diary stating that the “Spygate” scam His Lowness was using as cover fire for a midnight kegger run on the DOJ case against him. And apparently he doesn’t trust his lap poodle Devin Nunes with any information that he didn’t give to Nunes himself.

MSNBC quotes the AP as reporting that Trump Russia lawyer was present today for the first DOJ/FBI briefing into the affair about the FBI informant that met with Trump campaign officials to probe their connections to foreign agents. So far, the Ap is unable to state how much, if any of the briefing that Flood was actually present for.

Spygate my ass. You don’t need your white shoe ambulance chaser to attend a meeting regarding FBI procedure and investigative techniques for a couple of grand an hour plus cab fare. Flood was there for one reason, and one reason only. To look at, and evaluate for himself any evidence that was presented as a part of the briefing. From day one this was about nothing but getting a dry run as to how close the FBI was able to tie Russian agents to active members of the Trump campaign, and they weren’t taking chances today on anything getting lost or wrong in the translation. And Mr “the DOJ won’t be extorted” Rosenstein let them right on in. SAD!

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