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This is breaking as we speak. NBC News just reported that President elect Joe
Biden has finally received a phone call from the General Services Administration, advising him formally that the letter of ascertainment was just signed, and that his transition can begin, with all assistance, services, and privileges normally given during a transition.

Trump, never one to miss a chance to make an ass of himself, took to Twitter even as the news was breaking. He tweeted that while he was still certain he would prevail, it was nonetheless important for the initial stages of the transition to take place, that he had ordered his staff to cooperate fully, as well as all other departments, including the GSA. Trump also threw in a handful of sour grapes, by stating that he didn’t want GSA Administrator Emily Murphy, to take any abuse for doing her job. Left unsaid was the two weeks of shit he let her get dumped over her head for obstructing the process in the first place.

This is critical for a very simple reason. AstroZenica today became the third pharma company to release results for their coronavirus vaccine, and begin the process for distribution. This clears the way for Biden’s coronavirus task force to have access to records, and to speak with members of Trump’s task force, Operation Warp Speed members, and the Department of Health and Human Services. Even if they all refuse any Biden input, at least his task force will have access to the actual plans, so that they can begin to fold them into their own version of the best way to get the virus distributed and into arms.

Also left unsaid was Trump’s tacit admission with his tweets today, that the final door has shut. He’ll continue to try to muck up the works, simply to be a dick, but the last deck chairs just disappeared under the water on the deck of the Titanic.

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  1. Cautiously Optimistic. But no Joe pardons. Prosecute all the fascists or those rat bastards will be back. Go look for another job Emily Murphy and get your p€££¥ grab from D Jackass tRump as the door hits both of you in the ass on the way out.


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