Breaking: The NBA Playoffs Are back, But Only After Sticking It To Trump

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If a player kneels, the owner said :Get that son of a bitch off of the field! You’re FIRED!   Donald Trump

Shut up and dribble   Laura Ingraham

This was just announced by Chris Hayes on All In, and I can’t wait for the impending Trumper tantrum. After bringing the NBA playoff schedule to its knees two days ago when the Milwaukee Bucks announced they would sit out and forfeit their playoff game against the Orlando Magic, and started a chain reaction that led to the cancellation of the NBA playoff schedule. The NBA players union announced today that they have ended their boycott. In just those few days, the boycott spread to the WNBA, MLB, MLS, and even the NHL. But it had nothing to do with the NBA players folding, and looking at it now, Trump likely wishes the dumb jocks would just keep sitting out.

The agreement for the players to return was negotiated with the NBA, and one of the things that the NBA gave up to ensure a return to normal was that the owners of every NBA team will throw open the doors of their arenas as giant polling places on election day!

This is activism with a vengeance, and I am so proud of the players. They tried fancy slogans on their t-shirts with the names of murdered African Americans, and things like I can’t breathe!, and taking a knee in solidarity, tweeting and making statements before and after games, and nothing was working. So the players finally dug in their heels and said, Look, you want us to use our bodies for your entertainment, then you are damn well going to listen to us.

This move was strategically and tactically brilliant. The NBA was the first professional sports league to shut down, and they invested millions in figuring out a safe way to resume play and salvage the season. The league and its owners spent millions of dollars in figuring out a way to safely sequester the players and staff in a bubble in Orlando, and to test them frequently and economically. If the players had decided to vote with their feet, and go home, the league and owners would have been out of pocket, with no chance to recoup any of that money. They literally had no choice except to accept the terms.

This agreement is absolutely brutal for Trump. It was only a week ago or so that I wrote about the effort led by Lakers superstar LeBron James that had already netted 5 teams that had agreed to open up their empty stadiums as polling places for the election. Logistically, most NBA arenas are located in or near the city center, much closer to the urban, lower income, inner city areas than to the suburbs where the more affluent regular and season ticket holders live. And now the owners are going to make mega polling places out of their empty stadiums.

Look at it this way. The key to this election is going to be turnout. Trump won the electoral college by squeaking out an extra 77,000 votes in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin,  and thanks to a suppressed African American vote. Trump’s racist law and order rhetoric is specifically designed to drive up white panic backlash, and as a result, drive up black turnout, which they need to suppress. And now, thanks to LeBron and the guys, the arenas in Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee will be open as super polling places. Talk about counter productive.

And it’s even worse than that, because there are a shit load of vulnerable GOP Senators up for reelection in 2020. In addition to arenas being open in the very states that if flipped, will give Biden 270 votes, the arenas in Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Denver CO, Dallas TX, Houston TX, San Antonio TX, and Phoenix AZ will all be open, ready to welcome voters to exercise their choice to vote. And for the critical-as-a-heart-attack swing state of Florida, arenas in Miami and Orlando will be open for polling.

You have to hand it to the NBA players. Their action in sitting out playoff games will not get them the immediate remedy everybody is after, and they know that. But, by opening these arenas up as polling places in November, they sure as shit increased the chances that a whole bunch of GOP shitpokes will be putting their belongings into cardboard boxes after November 3rd, including The Cheeto Prophet. And handing the keys to a unified Democratic government sure as shit will get them closer to their goal. These are not dumb jocks, ladies and gentlemen, they have their shit seriously wired, and they have learned to leverage their skills to a social end. As El Pendejo Presidente and the GOP are about to find out.

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This is brilliant!!!


This is brilliant but Trump will sue. He always sues and delays whatever he doesn’t like. It will be up the Sec of State in each state maybe? Hope we win this one. He is such a cheater. Its the only thing he is good at.


The problem there is that the local boards of election have to agree to the polling place. Easy in Philly and Detroit, but more difficult in predominately red states.