BREAKING: Pompeo Was On the Ukraine Call, and Trump Pressured Aussie PM About Mueller

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Wow, Two massive stories breaking just in the last thirty minutes.

The Secretary of State for the United States of America, the nation’s top diplomat, the foreign affairs specialist, and perhaps the most fiendishly brilliant member of Trump’s star chamber krewe, was on the phone when Trump shook down Ukrainian president Zelensky, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This was not some crime committed in isolation, it was a White House plot, a conspiracy, to hold up dollars already appropriated by Congress.

Response has been rapid, and vicious:

Meanwhile, the New York Times is reporting that Trump pressured the Australian Prime Minister to assist in investigating the origins of the Mueller investigation.

Yes, Trump extorted another foreign leader for a political favor.

We are in uncharged territory, Zoomers.

I do not see how Republicans can continue to defend this. At this rate, and the leaks are just beginning, Trump will not make Halloween.

Speaking of “scary things,” imagine all that remains out there that we still do not know. After all, no one has yet leaked what all is really going on with Russia or Saudi Arabia.

Updates coming.

Here is an UPDATE: I forgot that Pompeo came out and denied ever having “seen the report” – when in fact he had been ON THE CALL – he flat lied:


Peace, y’all



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3 Comments on "BREAKING: Pompeo Was On the Ukraine Call, and Trump Pressured Aussie PM About Mueller"

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David Bishop
David Bishop

Send in the FBI and raid the entire white house of its records.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Just the classified server will do. Since we already know Putin calls are in there.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Well technically Pompeo didn’t lie. He never “seen” the report cause he was in it. And Australia probably would be up for some cooperation since they feel trump has trashed them about the subject of the report.