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Well, this should be the final nail in Trump’s “Give teachers guns” coffin. Broward County, Florida sheriff Scott Israel was just shown in a press conference, announcing the unpaid suspension of an armed school officer. The unnamed school officer was on duty and presumably armed on the day of the shooting. More importantly, Sheriff Israel indicated that high school surveillance video showed that although the officer was present, and in at least one instance in position to engage the shooter, the officer apparently declined to take any action.

Hey, Trumpy Cat! Put FOX on mute and pay attention for a minute. Your magic solution is to arm marginally trained school teachers to become Mel Gibson the minute somebody sticks gum on the underside of the desk. There was a fully trained, armed school officer on duty and present last week at the high school. According to the county sheriff, he was in a position to engage the shooter, and possibly end the carnage, and yet he refused to take the risk of getting his head blown off by an AR-15 to take that shot. But the secret to safe schools is to expect a marginally trained non-combatant to stick their own heads out, and hopefully, have their eyes open when they pull the trigger to try to solve a situation that a professional explicitly trained to do that job refused to do. Go back to paying porn stars off, before you kill even more of us.

This is a breaking story, I will embed the video when it becomes available.


Here’s more info. Apparently the guard, Scot Peterson was on duty, armed, and in uniform that day, but when the shooting started, Peterson took a flanking position outside of the school building and never even attempted to enter. Here is a LINK to the story on local media.

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  1. Mommy, should I become a teacher or a Navy Seal? Mommy: I think you should become a Navy Seal because the job is safer and you’ll be better trained to handle enemies with AR-15’s.


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