I am just shocked that the GOP would continue to kiss the ring of the Man who Would be King*, rather than show strength when democrats handed it to them, if just as a loan. A week of damning evidence was undercut by brazen legal extortion by defense managers who trotted out the REAL thing which causes republicans to lose sleep at night: threats of a PRIMARY! How you puckered, winced, and clung to the lifeboat of acquittal!

Yes, Who knew? For all the bravado and chest-thumping from the likes of Lindsey, Ted, Josh, Rand, Ron, and Rubio, to the flummoxed utterances of Susan and Joni… Donald Trump did not really plan, direct, fund, orchestrate and attempt a coup of the United States of America, Home of the Democrats and 7 republicans with a conscience -and respect for their oaths of office. The rest: not so much. (After all, the emperor, king-maker, and tweeters of mean tweets was in the TV audience, and only the less ambitioned, more selfless senators could face the facts presented proof of his guilt.

Was it surprising that Trump ordered his legal team to stick to the ‘facts of the case’, as told you by his counsel: ‘what we do is primary the hell out of them!’ Such frighteningly, terrifying words, have never been more profane to the 43 who were reminded: HIS tweeted mean words can find one out of a job! And YOU 43 craven souls, are the same people who cautioned democrats, ‘don’t’ you DARE think, consider, nor utter words about blowing up the sanctity of the FILLIBUSTER!’… or ELSE!!… we will be meaner, more craven, grovel and embrace even ‘worse’ unethical and unAmerican behaviors (than ever before)

Whew!, So NOW we know where they stand as to serious ‘deliberative body’; as jurors with integrity; as Senators of ‘wisdom’, character, and principal. Okey-dokey, you proved us right.

So kiss my ‘bipartisan’ ass goodbye. Sayonara to ‘goodwill’ and ‘compromise’. We are done dealing with enablers, cons, supporters of insurrection, and water-carriers for the Heir to the Throne of America (Qanon reference).

You pulled the football again, Lucy, and that was your last chance to hold up your end of the team. An election comes in two years and we know at least 4 of you are going away, never to return. But we’ll make the case, with your vote and our proof that the rest of you are unfit to hold high office, entrust with the general welfare or the power of deliberative judgment OR integrity.

Just as T**** has a litmus test, so do American voters. I think it goes like this: impeach your leader once, shame on us, impeach your leader twice, shame on the whole of your party! Fuck with us: we hold you accountable to voters… And ‘fight like hell’ for justice, fairness, equality, and opportunity for every American. Your whining, notwithstanding.

The nation has serious problems, confronts existential threats like climate change, peace, and pandemic. America requires dedicated people to work to compose the ideas and concepts, then legislation which will fairly and justly address issues of justice guaranteed by our founding principals.

You had your chance and embraced the man who described COVID a HOAX! …which has killed a half million of us, put 15 percent of us in food insecurity, 16% of us out of work, while stock exchanges, controlled by ½ percent of us, soared to all-time-highs, AND freedom literally came within seconds of disappearing for good in this nation. Thanks for all you’ve done, G’bye!

We appreciate the opportunity to define to voters where you are morally, and emotionally: on the side of bullies, cowards, charlatans, religious extremists, exploiters, and conmen. We were disappointed, but not surprised, that you missed your chance at joint leadership, but we do have a lovely parting gift to you all: footnotes in history books; because we intend to overcome the challenges, lead where you could not, and achieve what you liked to ‘talk about’: freedoms and liberties…enjoyed by all!

To cut out the chatter while we get down to business for the American people, we’ll vote out the Filibuster Rule, limit objections and amendments to bills, and ram-rod** through the relief and assistance people need, the new VRA the nation wants to ascend once more to the leader of democracy in the world. You can still do town halls and whine: we promise you will. However, it’s now clear who is serious and who is ‘acting the part’ of leaders and you’ll step out the way, or step on your feet as we carry uphold freedom for the American people.

* Rudyard Kipling in 1888

**kind-a-like your court-packing spree and tax scam

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  1. They’ll keep on growing. Making our republic weaker. If we don’t put a stop to it. They are an infestation. We need to reeducate them or get rid of them. Your choice?!?!

  2. If there was a secret vote held I’m certain the result would have been different. The GOP senate members were afraid on two fronts: retribution from the party, and more seriously, the real threat from MAGA morons who would want to hunt the senators down and have their vengeance.

    It’s laughable that Trump’s lawyers stood there and said that the vote shows Trump was innocent. No it didn’t. It showed that too many people who probably wanted to vote for impeachment were too afraid to do so.

    • Of they were too corrupt to vote for conviction, i.e. Graham, Hawley, Cruz, Rubio, Tuberville, etcetera. We need another system to get rid of corrupt Presidents because the Senate cannot, will not be impartial but will look for excuses to acquit, in this case a very guilty man!


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