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Appearing on Rachel Maddow show, not 5 minutes past 9:42 EDT, Congressman Adam Schiff, Nunes’ counterpart on the House Intel committee and thoroughly impressive Democratic voice through the process, says a Cabinet Secretary – didn’t say which one – told him that the meeting will include what one would normally expect of such a high level meeting, Maj/Min leaders of both houses, same from the relevant committees.

He admitted that he had heard contradictory things from the White House, too, same as all of us.

This sets the scene for a grand confrontation at the moment of the meeting, if the parties that show up, have a disagreement as to who is supposed to attend. It would also put the intel community – that includes Rosenstein – an opportunity to immediately turn on the White House and say they refuse to participate unless all members are there. Then Trump must decide, is it worth allowing them to have everyone there in order to get a peak at the evidence against me, versus having the FBI and DOJ refuse me, an order, and thus forcing me to fire them? If Trump wants to fire Rosenstein, it would be the time he would do it, but he might not be ready to go that far right just yet.

He still would like to lay some more groundwork on “spygate” (which doesn’t exist), before he starts firing people bc maybe his crazy conspiracy theory isn’t deep enough in the bones of his base. Hard to tell.

An extremely interesting development.

**Bonus for those Facebook readers who clicked on the article, not just read the headline and “liked” – Some parts of Jim Clapper’s book was read last night on Maddow, and he said unequivocally that the Russian’s stole the election to ensure a Trump win. THAT is a massive change in narrative that Russia tried and may or may not have worked.

Clapper says that Russian money got through to buy commercial ads, targeted perfectly using data, and possibly orchestrated the perfect vote suppression through breaking into the voter roles in the key midwest states, and removing reliable Dems (black people and union people).

More on that later.

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