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This is freshly breaking news as we speak. Chris Matthews on Hardball just broke a report on McClatchy News that Robert Mueller has evidence that definitely puts Trump personal attorney Michael Cohen in Prague in the late summer of 2016.

This is critical because one of the assertions in the Steele dossier was that Cohen had met with a high ranking Russian official in Prague in the summer of 2016 to discuss the Trump campaign. Cohen scornfully denied the allegation at the time, showing that his passport had no stamp from the Czech Republic on any page, whether in toe summer of 2016 or any other time. The problem with that contention, as I well know is that often, visas and stamps are put in passports only when they are ports of entry from the US to the European Union. If you fly from Washington  to Paris, and then travel to Prague, it is quite likely that as long as you have a valid passport,  o stamps or visas will be entered, as long as you meet the non resident criteria.

This now confirms one more aspect of the Steele dossier that the Republicans are so fond of wiping their asses with. It also offers another tantalizing opportunity to claim that the possibility of collusion b etween the Trump campaign and the Russian government were possible. Michael Cohen really shoud have learned how to drive a truck instead all of those years ago.

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