Breaking: Israel Confirms It’s Responsible For Airstrike On Damascus To Deflect ‘Iranian Agression’


Nothing like a killer drone to ruin the serenity of a Saturday night. Apparently Benjamin Netanyahu got some inkling that Iran was about to launch an attack, because he preempted a drone attack by launching an airstrike in Syria. At least that is the news available at this moment. CNN:

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) claimed responsibility for the airstrikes, saying it was necessary to thwart multiple attacks by what it called killer, or kamikaze, drones, of a kind not previously used by Iranian forces against Israel.
Unlike more standard attack drones, which fire missiles towards their targets, the killer drone acts as its own missile by flying into the target itself.
When asked by CNN how immediate the IDF assessed the threat to be, IDF foreign press spokesman Jonathan Conricus described it as “imminent, as in real-time.”
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in acknowledging Israel’s responsibility for the attacks, said on Twitter, “I repeat: Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces operate in every direction against Iranian aggression.”
“He who rises to kill you, kill him first,” Netanyahu said in his tweet, quoting Hebrew scripture.
Netanyahu may be responsible for a series of unexplained attacks on militia targets in Iraq recently. He was asked about this and replied,  “We act in many arenas against a country which seeks to destroy us. Of course, I have given the security forces a free hand and the instruction to do what is needed to thwart these plans of Iran.” Well, the world isn’t getting any more peaceful and meanwhile, Donald Trump sits in the south of France pouting because he doesn’t want to be there, while the real affairs of the world go on all around him.
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Bibi is a war criminal and should be brought up on charges but no one has the balls to do so.