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In the battle to keep America’s Democracy healthier than it is sick, today was a VICTORY!!!!

From WaPo:

Following a nearly four-week trial, a D.C. Superior Court jury delivered not guilty verdicts Thursday on multiple charges of rioting and destruction of property.

The defendants, who include a nurse for cancer patients, a freelance photographer and a college student, joined throngs of protesters who took to the streets on Jan. 20 to protest President Trump’s election. Prosecutors said the six were among a group that cut a violent swath through 16 bocks of the city, smashing windows of businesses, tossing newspaper boxes into the street and damaging a limousine. Authorities tallied the damages at more than $100,000.

The Trump Department of Justice had forgone even the semblance that this was about anything more than an attack on our freedom to assemble and to protest our dissent.

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