BREAKING: If Ukraine won’t play ball, maybe China will?


See-Saw, Marjorie Daw, Jackie shall have a new master   English nursery rhyme

July 25th, 2019 Ukrainian President Zelinsky tells President Trump in a phone call that Ukraine is almost ready to buy more javelin anti tank missiles from the US to defend itself from Russia. To which Trump replies, “We’d like you to do us a favor though,” and lays out a quid pro quo that Ukraine reopen the investigation into Joe and Hunter Biden, and presumably find something as juicy as a T-Bone.

September 3rd, 2019 In response to a question from a reporter, Trump says that trade talks with Chine will be resuming soon, and that if China doesn’t do the right thing, “We are in a very strong position and there are many things we can do.” After which, the next words from Trump’s pie hole are, “But if China were smart, they’d open an investigation into the Biden’s.n”

Apparently His Lowness figures that if a whistle blower can’t get the syntax right, he may as well just lay it all out himself, on national television. It’s true, trade talks with China about ending the trade war are supposed to resume shortly. But did Hair Furor just reprised one of his greatest hits, That’s a nice little economy you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it?

This is the kind of blazing stupid that you can’t even learn at Trump U, you have to be born with it, kid of like a drop-from-the-table slider. Here’s why this goes beyond being criminally stupid, and enters the realm of Hannibal Lecter stupid.

Ukraine was a traditional patsy. Ukraine had two choices, they could comply with Trump, or go back to borscht six days a week. Ukraine had no discernible pressure that they could put on Trump in response, nor any way to exact any effective revenge for Trump’s extortion.

China on the other hand is a legitimate super power, not only nuclear armed, but an economic power almost equal to the united States. If Trump decides to slap more sanctions on China in a fit of pique for China not complying with Trump’s demand for dirt on the Bidens, China can slap back just as hard, and the US economy is already showing steady signs of weakening. Trump could literally start a recession in the US as punishment to China for refusing to pay up.

But more importantly, China is in a position to turn the tables on Trump. There are things that China wants too, and they can use those as bargaining chips in return for dirt on the Biden’s. Let’s just say that China cobbles up some manufactured bullshit to please Trump. China can tease the dirt to Trump, and then turn around in the negotiations and say, “Now, about this little ‘intellectual property’ nonsense you keep droning on about. Do you agree that maybe it’s not such a big deal after all?” Trump would almost certainly sell U.S. entrepreneurs and companies down the river to China in return for the manufactured dirt on the Biden’s.

This is unbelievable. I’ll tell you something. If I’m running some crappy little authoritarian country somewhere, and anybody with the name of Biden has ever set foot in the place, I’m telling my best forgers to start inventing shit, and don’t stop until they run out of paper, while I get on the blower to Rudy Ghouliani to find out how much foreign aid it’s worth. That’s what the foreign policy of the United States has been reduced to, a pay as you go plan, like rental furniture.

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Sounds like trade deals can be made at the expense of Biden….I hope and pray China will do the right thing….which is nothing!!!


I’m not surprised he hasn’t asked the Mr Sanders for 11 secret herbs and spices

Mick owens
Mick owens

Trump is evil