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MSNBC just broke the story that the first lawsuit has been filed over Trump’s abhorrent child separation policy in federal court.

A Guatamalan woman filed the suit. Basically, she came over the border, seeking asylum in the united States. She was detained, and her 7 year old son was taken from her. On last Friday, she was released from custody, pending a hearing on her case, basically she bonded out. Since Friday, she has been attempting to be reunited with her son, and so far has been unable to determine where he even is, much less pick him up.

The outcome of this case will not determine the policy going forward. The relief being sought in the lawsuit an admission of responsibility from the US government, and to be immediately reunited with her child.

This is only going to get worse.In his extreme haste to be a badass in front of his base, Trump undertook a senseless policy, without the planning and logistics support in place to keep track of who was where, when. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened, and an asylum seeker found access to an attorney to fight back against this bullshit. The longer this goes on, you can expect the floodgates to open up on these kinds of lawsuits, not as a class action, but individually, forcing individual hearings in federal court. This is going to end up costing the government more than just putting the families up in a hotel in the first place.

I’ll update this article when I can find a link to a corroborating report.

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  1. Can’t wait to see what happens once Michael Avenatti gets started with some cases.

    Hold onto your butts, this is going to be a wild ride!

  2. And even with the supposed lie from tRump that it will end, these cases should STILL be allowed to proceed against him! A change of mind and of the practice has NO meaning to the cases that still can be filed and will be! tRump has the money to pay these suits, and should be charged treble to the law suits requests to the courts!

    And, HOW will he be able to return those children, especially the first 1500 “lost” ones, and with no records of where ANY of them went! This should also be addressed in the law suits!
    Actually, I would also support and join class action lawsuits for is past actions, especially if EVERY.SINGLE.CHILD.PULLED.FROM.THEIR.PARENTS. ISN’T RETURNED EN-MASSE! No excuses or circumstances shall prevent the movement of these suits or specific suits, which I h ope we now see a LOT of: as in, around 20,000 total!

    • Former US immigration chief warns that hundreds of separated children will probably never be reunited with their parents.



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