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According to WAPO reports, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to retire. After 17 hours of grilling this week in front of hostile Republican house members hell bent on protecting President Trump and discrediting the FBI . Its clear there is an all out war on to destroy the independent branches of our government. Sen Grassley wants McCabe in front of his Senate committee ASAP .

McCabe indicated he is a witness to Comey’s account that Trump demanded a loyalty pledge after the Flynn firing . This report leaked to Republican outlets( by Republicans) ,including Reporter Byron York a FOX News contributor,  boomeranging on the Republican house members looking to discredit McCabe. 

 Republican house members are freaked out because of the impending Blue Wave facing them next November and information regarding TRump’s  financial  issues including  mirror trades via Deutsche bank organized by Russians ( Sen Warner interview with CNBC reporter Jon Harwood  Dec 21) and indication from Congressman Adam Schiff that Trump ( Interview on Rachel Maddow on thursday ) may have engaged in money laundering .

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