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Via a State Department statement, the illegitimate, popular-vote-losing White House occupant has let it be known he won’t be enforcing sanctions against Russia that were ordered by an almost unanimous (98-2) Senate vote.

The legislation itself is a sufficient “deterrent,” you see.  Even if it only hits other nations Russia deals with, not Russia itself.

He dare not touch his dear friend Vladimir Putin’s stuff.

Politico congressional reporter Elana Shor tweets, with images of the statement:

Interesting that this happened on the same day Andrew McCabe was forced out.

It’s basically throwing down the gauntlet to Congress.  “I don’t have to follow your orders even if you vote 98-2… how you gonna make me?”

It seems we have a constitutional crisis and not even on only one front.

If the Senate wants to maintain any power in the face of Trump’s powermongering, it had better draw a line in the sand right now.

Also — the US Treasury has NOT released the list of entities to be sanctioned today as promised.

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