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MSNBC has just broken with the story that the Trump administration is now planning on relocating at least 450 immigrant unaccompanied minors and children forcibly separated from their parents and guardians at the border to the first of what is expected to be a series of “tent cities” on federal government land just outside of El Paso , Texas.

In reporting on this development, Jacob Soboroff noted that he is standing just across the street from the former Walmart that is serving as a temporary shelter for 1400 boys aged 10-16 yesterday, and the temperature at 112:30 CDT is already about 100 degrees, with high humidity.That building is air conditioned, with proper sanitation and dining facilities, and medical care.

Other than the twisted fact of exposing young children to the elements, there is a larger issue. The shelter at the Walmart in Brownsville is outsourced to a charity. All of the people working in the shelter are licensed. There are three doctors on call, and teachers for the kids. These “tent cities” are not going to require people with specific skills or certification to watch over these children. What could go wrong.

If the UN High Commissioner on Human Right had a problem with the very concept of separatoing children from their parents, he’s gonna love this one. I’m too possed right now to write, and sick to my stomach. I’ll update this article with a link once I’m able to find one in a search.

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