Breaking: Andrew McCabe is under criminal referral.

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MSNBC just broke this. According to Justice correspondent, former Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe is under active investigation at the Department of Justice based on a criminal referral from the FBI Inspector General.

While the news is breaking, the investigation itself is not new. According to Williams, the FBI IG referred the matter of McCabe misleading investigators regarding his statements to reporters back in January. The recently released Inspector General’s report on their investigation into the McCabe matter was very critical of McCabe. The word that seems to be standing out, and may have sparked the original referral is the ruling that McCabe “intentionally” misled investigators about his conduct.

To be clear, McCabe has not been charged with any crime. But this news makes it pretty clear that the actions that Jeff Sessions took to fire Andrew McCabe, while suspicious looking at the time, and considering the circumstances, may have been caused by something more serious than what we could see on the surface.

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I don’t trust anything coming out of the Sessions dept.