“On January 20, 2021, in accordance with the Constitution, confirmed by the states and the courts, and certified by Congress, President-elect Biden will be inaugurated and will become our 46th Commander in Chief”

And that’s not event he best part.

This is among the top three most unprecedented things that have happened during Trump’s presidency.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff feeling it necessary to release a letter like this.

Read the whole thing.


I’m starting to get choked up at all the facets of our society who are speaking out and turning against Trump and his sedition.  Most are even mentioning him by name.  some, like the Joint Chiefs go as close to that as their commissions allow.

Kudos to them.

More, here

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 · 11:34:28 PM +00:00 · AlyoshaKaramazov

More good news:

Exec. Director Of GOP AG Group That Robocalled For Coup Event Resigns

The executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) resigned Monday after the revelation that an arm of his group sent out robocalls promoting the “Stop the Steal” rally last week that turned into a bum-rush attack on the nation’s legislature.

NBC News first reported Monday evening on Adam Piper’s resignation from RAGA and its dark money affiliate, the Rule of Law Defense Fund (RLDF).

Tuesday, Jan 12, 2021 · 11:35:31 PM +00:00 · AlyoshaKaramazov

More MORE good news:

Top GOP Staffer On Armed Services Resigns In Disgust With Election Lies

Jason Schmid, a top GOP aide in the House Armed Services Committee has resigned citing his disgust for the 147 Republican lawmakers who backed President Donald Trump’s bid to overturn the 2020 election after it fueled the U.S. Capitol’s deadly insurrection last week.

In a blistering resignation letter first obtained by Politico, the longtime congressional aide rebuked House Republicans who objected to President-elect Joe Biden’s electoral victory during the Jan. 6 joint session, which was abruptly paused as Trump’s supporters raided the building in an attack that sent lawmakers under desks and into bunkers to shelter in place and ultimately left five people dead.

“Anyone who watched those horrible hours unfold should have been galvanized to rebuke these insurrectionists in the strongest terms,” Schmid wrote in the letter, calling perpetrators of the violence “domestic enemies of the Constitution.”

“Instead, some members whom I believed to be leaders in the defense of the nation chose to put political theater ahead of the defense of the Constitution and the republic,” Schmid said.

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