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According to RawStory, Benjamin Wittes, a confidante of former FBI Director James Comey, who was also privy to Comey’s notes on meeting with Trump before they were released, predicted resignations at the FBI and the Justice Department if Trump makes good on his Twitter threat to demand an investigation of both agencies on Monday.

Here is the the tweet:

This threat, according to Wittes is, “a nakedly corrupt attempt on the part of the President to derail an investigation.”

Looks like things just heated up for Donald. And, it wasn’t even Guiliani or Avenatti who made things worse for him. It was his own big, orange, idiot-mouthed self!!

Sometimes karma works.

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  1. If there’s enough pressure, eventually the commander in thief will crack!!!! If he’s innocent, why is he consistently attacking the DOJ, Don’t add up!!!! What is he hiding???and why are some in the Republican party continue to support this president by protecting him, even though he also bashes them!!!! At the end the day, it’s all about the mighty dollar, the lobbiest he protects, & favors he owe, which looks and smells like corruption!!!!

  2. “I HEREBY DEMAND”- Who does he think he is? The King of the world? When you’re buried in an quagmire try to distract by throwing dirt on the investigators. The impostor president still doesn’t get that these career public servants work for us NOT him. I know he doesn’t get it because he ran his company like a mob boss & is stupid enough to think that he can do that in Washington too. The part that upsets me the most is the Republicans standing by allowing this to happen, but they wouldn’t even stand up for John McCain, one of their own. They’re afraid to anger the mob boss. A vicious tweet might spell political doom. The mob family values party.

    • It’s OK: WE the people will see that this putrid, bodily=fluids idiot of megalo-maniacal endeavors and his complete shame in having no redeemable qualities, is properly taken care on on Nov 6 2018. WE will not only flip the Houses, Federal and state, but will also do our damndest, simply by voting, cause the communist-infested GOP et al to disappear in favor of a party that still believe in gvt of, by and FOR the people! The DEM’s will never run against the GOP, but in the next cycle following, another, new, freedom oriented party will take the GOP’s place!
      WE the people ARE ready to come out and vote the Repugnants’ from all the offices possible! Not that the Primaries haven’t given us a great start; we’ll just finish them off completely.



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