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There’s something about the people of Trump world, as sociopathic as they are, they all state that their resignations are tendered so that they can go home to their families and make nice nice. Brad Parscale is the latest Trumpkin to jump ship and he almost duplicated Kellyanne Conway’s resignation notice verbatim, with the exception that he said that he needed to deal with “overwhelming stress.” We would be overwhelmingly stressed, too, if accused of embezzling $40 million from the Trump campaign and $10 Million from the RNC. New Civil Rights Movement:

A Trump insider explained to that Parscale went into a tailspin after he was demoted in July and replaced by his former number two, Bill Stepien, as he’s worried about the ‘gravy train’ ending and keeping up with his lavish lifestyle.

Trump demoted Parscale as campaign manager earlier this year after his Florida lifestyle attracted media attention. Daily Mail sources said Trump ordered a review of RNC finances just days after Parscale’s demotion.

That’s quite a hill of beans to have to pay back. That level of grandiose consumption and devil may care attitude reminds me of Scarface. And you remember how he ended up. And the Florida cops confiscated Parscale’s ten little friends, so what’s a fella to do?

Trump sure knows how to pick the campaign managers. For a while it’s ostrich vests and Lamborghinis and then it’s orange jumpsuits.

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Trump corrupts everyone and everything he comes into contact with.



Chris Whitley

Oh now you are just stealing Don jr.s thunder.