I am puzzled.   My memory recalls boycotts against grapes, chocolate and busing. We face the greatest threat of our times in the battle of covid and our group response is to cower in our homes as we risk getting vaccinated.

The solution is known. It is widespread vaccination.

Yet we cower to an onslaught of digital marketing to our fellow citizens that means death to our loved ones. We send out warriors to fight and suffer in our hospitals, yet we the vaccinated do not exercise our right to be protected from the deliberate choice of our neighbors to remain un-jabbed.

Where are our pens and postcards?

Where are our petitions?

Where are our dialing fingers?

Why do we not demand that the places who want the pennies from our pockets check each person who wishes to spend a dime, ask for proof of vac to enter ?

Why you want to provide profit to someone who does not you to live or protect their employees?

Why do you want merchants to kill you for profit?

Wal-Mart, Costco, Tractor Supply, Exxon, Delta, McDonalds. The list is long of places that only need to place a person at the door to present proof of vac to enter.

I suggest it is small expense they can make to save the lives of your loved ones.

If there is one group that can start something it is those who are members. The proof is in the history of your actions.

I believe we have the right to shun those who do not jab and those who support them. Do you believe the same?

History of boycotts:


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  1. I’ve been saying this for awhile now…Let’s start with fOX nEWS and fOX channels…STOP Watching them till they get rid of ALL the Idiots on fOX news…if you call it that??
    Let ALL their advertisers know that until fOX nEWS start speaking the truth, that were not watching ANY of their channels any more… ANY OF THEM!!!


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