By now we have learned that Koch Industries is a major player in a number of evil enterprises and that they are staying in Russia (see Hunter’s Ukraine Update which contains the following paragraph):

And Koch Industries, bankrollers of the party’s march toward authoritarian crookedness, is resisting public pressure to shut down Russian operations like so many other companies have done.

Note that there are two Koch Industries, Inc. And they are completely unrelated to each other, making things confusing. The one headquartered in Minnesota is NOT the one we might want to boycott, and they are very careful to explain:

“In response to inquiries, we wish to advise that we are not in any way associated, or affiliated with “Koch Industries, Inc.” located in Wichita, Kansas or its owners. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us.”

From the Koch Industries/Minnesota website website we learn:

“Koch Industries, Inc., a Minnesota based company established in 1978, is a premier provider and merchandiser of chain, rope, wire rope, hardware, load binders, cable pullers, 3-point hitch, trailer jacks and garage organization products.” [Lehigh brand]

Again, Koch Industries/Minnesota is NOT the one staying in Russia. Koch Industries/Kansas is absolutely the one referenced in Hunter’s essay and the one implicated in a multitude of greedy sins.

Koch Industries/Kansas owns Infor, Invista, Georgia-Pacific, Molex, Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Fertilizer, Koch Minerals, Matador Cattle Company, i360, and Guardian Industries.

Infor is a multinational enterprise software company serving clients
such as  financial systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to supply chain and customer relationship management. No brands we’re likely to run into ut their cloud-computing applications are hosted on Amazon and AZURE among other platforms.

Invista is textiles (predecessor company was DuPont-Textiles division, which was acquired by Koch). Invista brands include Lycra, Coolmax, and Thermolite.

Georgia-Pacific is a pulp and paper company. This is the one we’re most likely to encounter. Along with Georgia-Pacific branded lumber products, Georgia-Pacific brands include:

   Angel Soft and Quilted Northern toilet paper and facial tissue.

   Blue Ribbon, Clutter Cutter, DensArmor Plus, DensDeck, DensGlass, DensShield, DryPly,
   FireGuard, GP Lam, Hushboard, Nautilus, Ply-Bead, Plytanium, Southern Gold, Sta-Strait,
   Thermostat, ToughRock, Wood I Beam, and XJ 85
building and remodeling brands.

   Sparkle and Brawny paper towels.

   Mardi Gras and Vanity Fair napkins.

   Dixie, Insulair, PerfecTouch, and Ultra cups and tableware.

   Advantage, Image Plus, and Spectrum office paper.

Discontinued G-P brands include Soft n’ Gentle (toilet paper), Zee (napkins), and Mardi Gras paper towels.

Molex is a brand of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic connectivity components.

i360 is data, software and analytics marketed to political organizations and commercial clients.

Guardian Industries makes glass, automotive and building products, float glass, fabricated glass products, fiberglass insulation and building materials.

Flint Hills Resources, Koch Pipeline, Koch Minerals, Koch Fertilizer are all oil-related and probably creep into our consumption every time we visit a gas station.

Matador Cattle was partially acquired (a huge Montana ranch) by Rupert Murdoch and his wife. I could not find which brands of consumer beef come from Matador.

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