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In a man’s world, only boys can be victims. That’s probably why a high school student and his father in Virginia are trying to sue for gender discrimination after the school expelled the boy for sexually assaulting and harassing female students.

The school did an investigation and found him responsible for committing those acts, and he was forced to transfer to an alternative school. He even confessed to exposing his genitals and making sexually explicit remarks, but said they were just “jokes.” In true Betsy Devos-esque behavior, the student punished for assault is framing himself as the true victim here. From the Washington Post:

The boy and his father say media reports that “suggest the pervasive nature of sexual assault committed by male students” influenced Fairfax’s treatment of the student, who has a 4.1 grade-point average and belonged to the crew team and drama club.

School officials, according to the lawsuit, refused to believe the student because “he is male and would have believed a female student in the same situation.”

This complaint seems to pretend that exposing your genitals and touching people without consent isn’t wrong and illegal. However, considering who is running the country these days, I am not surprised that they would have the audacity to file this lawsuit.

To make it even worse, the attorney for the plaintiff said that getting expelled from school is worse than a criminal conviction.

The punishment, Binnall said, could harm his client’s college and career prospects.

“These findings are just awful for anyone who wants a future,” he said. “It’s worse than a criminal conviction, or just as bad.”

I don’t think anyone convicted of sexual assault would agree.

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  1. OH, BOO YOO. My Heart Just Bleeds For That Male Student. Poor Little idiot. If I were his mother, I break his dammed neck!


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