Bottoming Out

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Dusting is a great example of the futility of trying to put things right. As soon as you dust, the fact of your next dusting has just been established   George Carlin

You’ve heard me say it before, the old adage for a guy with incredible luck that He could fall into a shit house and come up with a ham sandwich. But thanks to the incredible incompetence and stone cold indifference of Traitor Tot and his merry band of freebooters, it has been necessary to update it into He could wander into Aladdin’s cave, and fall into the shit house.

If there has ever been an example of the unified mishandling of multiple national crises by the same administration at the same time, I have yet to see it in my 63 years of life on this planet. They ignored an impending pandemic in order to prop the stick market, Trump’s only path to reelection, at the risk to the health of millions of Americans. And when the pandemic hit shores, he continued to treat it as a political messaging problem rather than a public health crisis, in order to prop up the stock market. And when the markets tanked, he blamed it on the pandemic, and then rushed stated to reopen in order to bring the stock market back up, and the consequences to American citizens be damned.

Which was a grand illusion. Because there are actually two economies in this country, the Wall Street Economy, and the Main Street Economy. The Wall Street Economy was versatile and well entrenched enough to be able to adapt and even thrive in the economic crisis brought on by the pandemic. But the Main Street Economy had not seen a real wage increase in years, and suffered the loss of 45 million jobs as a result of the pandemic.

And it all came a cropper. The Wall Street Economy went into the shitter today, dropping more than 7%. It went down the flusher for one simple reason. Because Trump’s forced early reopening was an abysmal failure. How many times have I said that you can force a store to open, but you can’t force consumers to shop? Trump forced GOP Governors to rush to reopen these states for business, but he can’t force consumers to go out and risk a nasty death just to shop in them. And now the Wall Street Economy has figured out that their house of cards is sitting next to an open window in a hurricane.

Donald Trump is boned. Sideways. His own Federal Reserve Board is now predicting that, rather than a great economic 3rd and 4th quarter, the US economy is actually going to contract by an estimated 6% this year, and likely a similar result next year. His own chief economic advisor now admits that unemployment will remain over 9% for at least the next year. And his egotistical hammering at the Federal
Reserve Board to slash interest rates to 0 when times are good have taken that hammer out of their tool box.

But what did you expect? When you hire an egocentric, self indulgent, narcissistic Twitter troll to un the country, did you honestly believe that he would ever care about you Trump is on the wrong side of the coronavirus, with cases spiking in every state that he hurried to open, more people will die. Trump is on the wrong side with the Wall Street Economy, which hasn’t seen its last disastrous downward spasm for this cycle. And he’s on the wrong side with the Main Street Economy, with near double digit unemployment, and a GOP dominated Senate that wants to forestall any further economic relief for the masses. And he’s on the wrong side for the fight for racial justice and equality. Trump won’t go down easy, but he has nothing left to sell but bullshit, and the smell is starting to get ripe.

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