Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister are drawing to a close. Today two senior ministers have resigned from his government. Both are possible contenders to be his successor. The first to go was the Health Secretary Sajid Javid


Then Rishi Sunak resigned. The Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance minister) is one of the three “Great Offices of State”.


Earlier today, another minister was forced to go before the House of Commons to justify Boris’s actions in relation to “Gropeminster”.

Downing Street had previously said Mr Johnson was not aware of any specific allegations against Mr Pincher when, in February, he appointed him deputy chief whip – a role in which he was responsible for enforcing discipline among Conservative MPs.

On Monday, the children’s minister Will Quince said he had received “a categorical assurance that the prime minister was not aware of any specific allegation or complaint made against the former deputy chief whip”.

However, later that day, BBC News revealed that the prime minister had been aware of a formal complaint about the MP.

Now, in a strongly-worded letter to the parliamentary standards commissioner, Lord McDonald has disputed No 10’s version of events.

Simon McDonald (Baron McDonald of Salford) was appointed as a cross-bench Life Peer after his retirement as the head of the UK Diplomatic Service.

Loyalist tried to claim Boris was immune after winning a vote of confidence from the Tory MPs.  Under the current “1922 Committee” rules that means a further confidence vote cannot take place for a year. Rules can be changed especially when MPs are very aware of their recent huge by-election losses (following more sex scandals). Boris is increasingly being criticised for his economy with the verité.

To paraphrase Oscar Wilde: To lose one by-election is unfortunate. To lose two by-elections and two senior cabinet ministers looks like the end. It took 6 months for Teresa May to go from “winning” a Tory vote of confidence to her resignation but then she was not revealed to have tried to get her lover, later her spouse to get a well paid government job they were unqualified for.

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Another one bites the dust

The Conservative Party’s vice chairman has resigned from his position during a televised interview, saying Boris Johnson no longer has the support of the country.

Bim Afolami told Talk TV Mr Johnson should resign from No 10 and said he “can’t serve under the prime minister”.

When the ministerial statement I mentioned being read in the Commons was repeated in the Lords, the place rang with laughter.

Peers in the House of Lords laughed as a Commons statement about upholding standards in public life was read aloud for a second time.

Lord True was telling the Lords what MPs had previously heard in the Commons.

Cabinet Office Minister Michael Ellis was defending the prime minister – after Labour’s Angela Rayner questioned him over what the PM did and didn’t know about Chris Pincher.

Pincher was previously fired and has now been suspended as a Tory for his tendency to pinch grope other men when tired and emotional.

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The scramble for the exit door continues with one showing he has a potato cam.


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Bim Afolami resignation live on TV. The Chair of the Conservative Party resigned after the by-election debacles.


More go. From the BBC (PPCs are aides to a minister as a form of first step on the greasy pole.

BreakingTwo Parliamentary aides also quit

Saqib Bhatti, parliamentary private secretary to now former health secretary Sajid Javid, has also resigned.

In a statement on Twitter, he said: “The Conservative party has always been the party of integrity and honour but recent events have undermined trust and standards in public life.”

Jonathan Gullis, PPS to Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, has also quit. He said for too long “we have been focused on dealing with our reputational damage rather than delivering for the people”.

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Yet another one resigns


Not good news for Bojo who has lost his mojo


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For those interested, the possible exit routes are:

1. Bojo giving up (unlikely)

2. The “men in grey suits” persuade him to go for the sake of the party. Without a party Chairman (resigned a month ago after by-election defeats) or party Vice-Chair (resigned Tuesday), that may be a bit difficult

3. Back-bench revolt throwing out the existing 1922 Committee leadership and changing the rules to allow another vote of confidence within a year. (Last one in  late May just before the by-elections)

The incentive for Boris to go quickly is to allow their “primary run-off” votes by MPs and full membership election of all party members in time for the party annual Conference in Birmingham October 2-5

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