Boris Johnson Advisor and Brexit Backer Dominic Cummings Questioned About His Relations With Russia

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An important story involving Russian influence in UK politics has just broken a few hours ago. It involves a prominent Tory Party politician named Dominic Cummings. For those who do not know who Dominic Cummings is here is his Wikipedia page:…

Cummings studied history at Oxford University and after he graduated he moved to Russia in the 1990s. According to his Wikipedia page:

After university, Cummings moved to post-Soviet Russia from 1994 to 1997, working on various projects. In one Russian venture, he worked for a group attempting to set up an airline connecting Samara in southern Russia to Vienna; however, the venture fell foul of the KGB, and was abandoned after only one flight.

Cummings eventually returned to the United Kingdom and became involved in politics. He held some minor positions in the Tory Party. Then, in 2010, Cummings was made an advisor to the Education Secretary Michael Gove. However, when the Brexit referendum started to heat up Cummings became the campaign director for the pro-Brexit “Vote Leave” organization. Cummings was subsequently appointed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his personal “Special Advisor” on July 24, 2019. Cummings has always been opposed to the European Union and he now had the ear of the Prime Minister.

In the last couple of hours a whistleblower in the United Kingdom has made serious allegations about links between Cummings and the Russians he originally met while he was there in the 1990s. This story was originally reported by The Times (and is unfortunately behind a paywall):…

Fortunately, several other news organizations picked this story up and they are free to read:………

Anyways, the basic summary is that the whistleblower alleged that Dominic Cummings may be influenced by several Russians he had made contacts with in the 1990s. If this is true this would be especially troubling considering Cummings role in the Brexit campaign and his position as a “special advisor” to Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is a breaking story so little is known right now, but expect more details to become available in the near future. It is also a stark warning about the dangers of Russian interference not only in the United States, but across the globe.

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Brits were slow to figure it might be happening that Putin was behind it all. I have felt that borris was another putin puppet the first time I heard him and he really likes donnie. Brexit would weaken Europe and guess who wants that. putin is a cery busy boy.

chris whitley
chris whitley

Him and Donnie have close ties. Trump all over brexit. Says would be great. But of advice for U.K. if trump likes it don’t f:cking do it.