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One pernicious result of Donald Trump’s pr*sidency is that he’s made a lot of people dumber just through his terrible, omnipresent example.  Once one kid starts peeing in the pool, they all start doing it — and if that kid is the lifeguard, what do you have then? That’s right: a urine pool.

And that’s basically what our country is now. Don’t want to swim in a pool full of low-achieving children’s urine? Tough shit. It’s where you live.

Case in point: Six years ago, the National Border Control Council, a major border patrol union with 14,000 members, thought a giant wall stretching across our 2,000-mile southern border was a dumb idea. Just about everyone thought the same thing. Until Donald Trump came along and made mouth-frothingly idiotic ideas great again.

From Politico:

A union that represents Border Patrol agents recently deleted a webpage that said building walls and fences along the border to stop illegal immigration would be “wasting taxpayer money.”

The deleted webpage, posted in 2012, argued that border barriers don’t tackle the root causes of migration — and could potentially encourage more migrants to enter the U.S. fraudulently or overstay visas.

The webpage was taken down after the union’s president endorsed the wall at a White House news briefing earlier this month.

Fortunately, the webpage is archived on the Wayback Machine, and you can find it here. Sanity still lives, but it’s been forced into the shadows.

Apparently, the union once had different — less benighted — leaders who knew a stupid idea when they saw one. But the current union president, Brandon Judd, has his racist party pants on and is ready to dance out of rhythm to the Electric Slide. He joined with Trump during a January 3 press briefing in support of the wall (he was one of the Lex Luthor cosplayers) and has strongly endorsed Trump’s three-year-long squishy brain fart.

In an email to POLITICO, Judd said the webpage represented the position of previous union leaders and had caused confusion on the union’s website.

Judd, who was elected union president in 2013, said he “vehemently disagreed” with the union’s earlier opposition to border barriers.

Judd said the page was left online because the union didn’t want to hide from its earlier stance. “But because it continually gets brought up we made the decision to take it down,“ he added.

Okay then.

Problem solved. Guess that means the wall is a great idea now.


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