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One of the oldest subplots in the labyrinthine saga that is the FBI Trump-Russia investigation is the relationship between former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and Russian oligarch/purported gangster Oleg Deripaska. Manafort offered Deripaska the opportunity to receive private briefings on the 2016 presidential campaign. Manafort and Deripaska had already done about $60 million worth of business, including at least $26 million of loans Deripaska made to a Manafort-linked company. The offer of briefings by Manafort was supposed by many to have been an attempt to partially pay off huge debts to Deripaska by offering him intimate access to the Trump campaign. It’s not known at this time whether Deripaska accepted Manafort’s offer.

Now there’s a just released video made by a Russian activist depicting Deripaska, his alleged mistress, and an Kremlin official sailing on a Norwegian yacht discussing politics, and voila — ABC News reports that the Kremlin will shut down access to both YouTube and Instagram if this video isn’t deleted at once.

Here’s the video, with subtitles:

The links between Manafort and Deripaska have been a focus of American media reports about possible collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. But the Russian press and public have been skeptical about the importance of this relationship—largely because there was no proof that Deripaska, among all the oligarchs who have close relationships with the Kremlin, had actually acted as a go-between for the Russian government or had any special ties to Kremlin foreign policy officials. But, Navalny contends, Deripaska’s relationship with Prikhodko, as revealed by his professed mistress, lends credence to the notion that Deripaska had something to do with the 2016 campaign.

“Now the pieces of this puzzle fall into place,” he says in the video, pulling up a still from Rybka’s video featuring Prikhodko with Deripaska. “This is who makes these decisions. Here he is, next to him, cruising on a yacht and, as we can hear on the video, discussing politics with him…The fishing is just a cover. These were actually some important, informal negotiations.”

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