Of all the “type” that Trump could have apponted National Security Advisor position, John Bolton is the most dangerous, by far. This is the single most ominous event in the Trump presidency. To make it worse, we just heard that it is likely that Saudi Arabia helped get Tillerson fired. We can also be reasonably sure that Putin was happy to have had Mike Flynn first named NSA Director. Anyone doubt that Putin cleared having Bolton as NSA Director? I am sure it was a coincidence that the appointment got made the day after Trump spoke to Putin.

Why is Bolton so dangerous? He believes in war. He likes war as a policy tool. He believes war is “good” for America, especially when he is not in danger of dying. If there is a message for you to pass to your friends who are “reachable” Trump voters, or Trump voters who perhaps thought he’d do the right thing on trade or taxes, and that the “adults” would keep Trump reigned in with respect to the world stage, tell them now. Tell them to prepare for war. Because one of two things will happen, either Trump will be removed from office through Mueller’s investigation, or we will be going to war. It’s a question of whether the former can come before the latter. Oh, and the two are also related in the fact that Trump needs his war as he feels the heat from Mueller really amping-up, it’s not a coincidence that Bolton got hired in the same week that so much is happening with Mueller.

Please remember, this is a man whom the split Senate could not approve as UN Ambassadorship just back in 2005 – and the UN Ambassador is a bus-boy compared to the National Security Director. Why wouldn’t the Senate confirm him? Because Bolton was too “radical,” meaning too into “war.” He doesn’t believe in diplomacy, he hated the UN, even made a “joke” about blowing up the top floor of the UN and at one point denied that such a thing as the United Nations existed as a real body, he likened it more to an efficient address, where messages could be passed quickly, not something with rules designed to promote global peace.

Need some meat? At Vox, Zack Beauchamp has written a solid, lengthy piece on Bolton that includes this:

Bolton has said the United States should declare war on both North Korea and Iran. He was credibly accused of manipulating US intelligence on weapons of mass destruction prior to the Iraq war and of abusive treatment of his subordinates. He once “joked” about knocking 10 stories off the UN building in New York. That means his new appointment to be the most important national security official in the White House has significant — and frightening — implications for Trump’s approach to the world. […]

Let’s be perfectly clear about one thing, both North Korea and Iran have real armies. This wouldn’t be like Iraq, where the Iraqi soldiers knew the drill and knew that no real fight would be had. Iran and North Korea will fight back, with real weapons, and hit real innocents (along with a lot of innocent Iranians and North Koreans). Presently, no Iranian nor North Korean truly represents a threat to a life of an American, certainly not on the home-front, and arguably not even abroad. Yet, John Bolton wants to go to war with them. Moreover, try this thought experiment, he advocated “regime change” in Iran. Think about how well “regime change” has worked in Iraq in destabilizing the Middle East, now imagine Iran going through the same thing. And, again, Iran has a much bigger, better military.

But, hey, war is good TV, and this administration is reality TV in need of “ratings,” specifically the approval ratings that get presidents through scandals. Bolton didn’t get the job based on his resume so much as he got the job because he got ratings on Fox:

Bolton’s elevation illustrates the degree to which the president is influenced by the conservative infotainment sphere, most notably Fox News — where he has long been an on-air fixture. Bolton was, prior to this appointment, a marginal figure in Washington foreign policy circles since his departure from the Bush administration. But he got himself one of the top jobs in the country because of his savvy work in the world of conservative media and advocacy groups.

In case you think that we might be saved by the fact that the U.S. currently has little appetite for war, having been through two grinders recently, neither of which could really be called a “win” in the sense of accomplishing what we wanted going in, you are underestimating Bolton’s willingness to manipulate what you and others see when making that judgment about war.

He was involved in shaping US intelligence in the runup to the war — and not in a good way. In 2002, Bolton’s staff prepared a speech alleging that Cuba had an active biological weapons program. This wasn’t true, and the State Department’s lead bioweapons analyst at the time would not sign off on the claim. Per the analyst’s sworn testimony to Congress, Bolton then called the analyst into his office, screamed at him, and then sent for his boss. In this conversation, per the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, he derisively referred to the analyst as a “munchkin” and attempted to get him transferred to a different department.

This was cruel and unprofessional, but also dangerous. Carl Ford, then the assistant secretary of state for intelligence and research, testified that Bolton’s assault on the analyst had a “chilling effect” throughout the department, freezing out dissent on proliferation issues beyond Cuba. John Prados, a fellow at George Washington University’s National Security Archives, came to an even broader conclusion in a study of declassified Bush administration documents: Bolton bears a significant amount of blame for the politicized intelligence used to justify the decision to attack Iraq.

Of course, he’s a coward. This is how cowards think. We have a far greater enemy right now in terms of risk to real American lives in the nation of Russia, who recently killed on the soil of a NATO partner, something that can be construed as an act of war. But, Bolton happens to like Russia, too, just like Trump. Russia is white, militant, and hates democrats, what’s not to love?

Oh, and even though I know you know this, when you pass this on to a friend, you are going to want to pass on that he’s the biggest of the big chickenhawks. When it came time to explain why he got deferments out of fighting in Vietnam (a war he supported), he famously said: “I confess I had no desire to die in a Southeast Asian rice paddy,”

Well, jackass, how many American soldiers are out there right now just hoping to have a chance to die in a Northeast Asian rice paddy, or a sandy hill in Iran, all simply because Trump desperately needs a new premiere show on TV. The Mueller show is grabing too many eyeballs. War with North Korea and Iran is coming, book it, unless Mueller can book Trump first.






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