According to Rawstory, Trump dumped Bolton due to opposing views regarding peace talks with everyone, including the Taliban, Iran and North Korea. Trump wants that damn Nobel Peace prize. The black guy got one, so Trump will even befriend the Taliban. Bolton wanted to bomb anyone needed to extend American influence in the Middle East.

But, sources report that Trump also believed that Bolton leaked the stories about “nuking hurricanes,” which, admittedly, should embarrass anyone:

Those sources, who were directly involved, said Trump was driven to distraction by his belief that Bolton or those close to him had leaked a story about the president asking whether nuclear weapons could be used against hurricanes.

“Driven to distraction” might be the most perfectly worded description. First, it demonstrates that Trump can and does focus himself. That might initially seem silly – given the reports we’ve heard about a lack of reading and “pictures” as analysis – but we do know that Trump focuses like a telescope on two things; secrecy and loyalty. If Trump were to be distracted from secrecy and loyalty, he would upend the White House to get back in “focus.”

In that respect, it is easy to see why Trump would be furious about the leak. Would you be happy if someone told reporters about this type of meeting?

“I got it. I got it. Why don’t we nuke them?” Trump asked, according to one source who was present. “They start forming off the coast of Africa, as they’re moving across the Atlantic, we drop a bomb inside the eye of the hurricane and it disrupts it. Why can’t we do that?”

The stupidity is well-documented and doesn’t need further analysis here. The important thing to note is that every White House leaks, no matter how much it bothers the man at the top. But, this White House’s need for absolute silence shames itself.

There is a link between Trump’s obsession with tamping down leaks and Trump’s equally-established insistence upon “loyalty.” Both obsessions scream that there exists a pathological need to “hide” deep inner truths.

This need to hide may also explain why so many positions in the administration remain unfilled, or unutilized. The smaller the circle, the smaller the organization, the easier one can hide the truth. Moreover, continually revolving people through various positions keeps any one person from ever seeing much of the “whole picture,” again, as protection from too much truth.

So what is there to hide?

With Trump, the safest bet is to always follow the money. At this point, even Republicans know that Trump intends to cast his net for every dollar he can get off being president. What remains hidden is the underlying basis for this need.

Is it nothing but insane greed, measuring himself – as always – in dollar figures? Not giving a shit about history or the country? It very well could be.

Might it be darker? Is something else driving this process? A need to “pay back” debts owed? Trump has always surrounded himself with dubious international figures, and all things powerfully Russian or Saudi relate to criminality. One never fully “pays” off a debt to such leaders. The need could be related. It is extremely difficult to tell at this point.

We do not have anything close to the truth. No modern president has kept his conflicts so obvious, yet opaque, none rejected Congress’s subpoena power so universally, nor insisted upon employees signing non-disclosure agreements. No president confiscated notes from the one person present when speaking to an adversary.

There exists an important related issue to watch in the upcoming months. This need to have virtually no one know the entire story might well be playing out before our eyes. Rumors abound that Trump is considering replacing Pence on the ticket. Trump’s pathological need to control “the truth” by operating with the smallest, tightest group he can get away with, might well reveal itself in dumping Pence. If Pence gets replaced, despite being “embarrassingly loyal,” I submit it is evidence that there is an even darker level of “truth” yet to be explored.

Bolton got thrown over the side  – that was only a matter of time, precious few last long, especially people known to think beyond blind loyalty. Right now, no one outside the family has lasted longer than Pence. Given the recent past, Pence would be wise to not commit himself to anything concrete over the next year. Because I suspect that this possible darker layer threatens anyone who remains at Trump’s side, day to day, never mind year to year. No one lasts long. We need to ask deeper questions about why.


Peace, y’all

Jason, and Twitter @MiciakZoom


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