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Fred Fleitz went on the record last year stating that U.S. intelligence reports concerning Russia meddling in the election were “rigged.” Yes, Fleitz was on the record as a Russian “truther” prior to being hired by our National Fucking Security Advisor, John – Never to be Damned Enough – Bolton, as his Chief of Staff.

But, that’s just the beginning of the horror. Fleitz has also said it’s just “impossible” to know if Russia was responsible for election-related hacks. Impossible? The NSA has satellites in space that can read the date off a dime on a sidewalk, they have computers under a mountain in Utah that have every email that I’ve ever written …and deleted, yet it is “impossible” for the United States of America to know if Russia was responsible for election-related hacks?  Fleitz also thinks that the Obama administration manipulated intelligence about Russia and schemed to “trap” Trump officials by sanctioning Moscow.

Yes, lest you doubt that Fleitz is on board for the “final solution’ (American style), he has even said that President Trump should “pardon everyoneunder investigation in the Russia matter. Finding out what really happened is for babies, right? Screw it! Pardon them all!

Fleitz not only knows more than the FBI, CIA, NSA, he also understands why they make the “mistakes” they are making, stating that the findings weren’t based in intelligence but were “pure politics.” Via The Daily Beast

“I […] suspect the entire purpose of this report and its timing was to provide President Obama with a supposedly objective intelligence report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that the president could release before he left office to undermine the legitimacy of Trump’s election,” Fleitz wrote at on Jan. 7, 2017.

Does he mean undermine the “legitimacy” more than the 3 million votes that Trump lost by?

We will never know, but if you’re to listen to these kooks, now in the highest levels of government, the Obama administration was the smartest, most cautious and proactive administration. After all, 538 had Hillary at at 68-70% chance of winning the election, and yet the Obama administration had all this set up, just in case that 30% came through? I sure wish we had a president willing to account for all possibilities now. This one can’t even both to study for his Nobel Peace Prize Summit – in his mind.

“I believe President Trump’s reluctance to accept the findings of U.S. intelligence agencies on Russian election meddling is understandable, given the major flaws in the January 2017 ICA [intelligence community assessment] as well as the incredible hostility that intelligence officers expressed against him before and after the election.”

Mother fff*$&%Q!!!!!!!!

“Hostility to Trump prior to the election”? Does he recall exactly which intel agency sent a letter to Congress about the ever loving emails that never went away, nor did they ever amount to a crime? Did the FBI find those emails in Houma’s laptop and get Comey to send the letter all to hurt Trump?

Woo to those of us who might point out that it was Trump pouting today that the G-7 meetings should include Russia, I guess he feels rather lonely there with all those leaders of liberal democracies, and believes Putin needs his help. I wonder if it has passed through Fleitz’s addled brain why it is, if all this is an Obama “set-up” why his president continues to act like a Manchurian candidate KGB All-Star Plant?

Meanwhile, the G-7 itself, has let Trump know they’re perfectly willing to become the G-6, if Trump keeps attacking them metaphorically and financially.

Great. At this point, I think it might help us if the G-6 did such a thing, it might wake up enough of the world (and a couple Americans) to get us some international assistance in ridding ourselves of Trump. Hey, we came to the world’s defense from another ruthless dictator once, didn’t we?

Welcome to the job, Fleitz, you’re right at home, and will be watched very closely.

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  1. It’s like Trump is picking the absolute worst candidates for every single job in the administration.


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