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Bob Corker in his most harsh attack to date really let Trump have it. He did not mince his words as he called out the president as a liar and much more. He seemed resolved to a dysfunctional government for the foreseeable future.

It is clear that Bob Corker does care more for the country than the Republican Party as he made it clear that Trump is a clear and present danger.

Corker slams president with his harshest words to date

Asked if the President is debasing the country, Senator Bob Corker could not be clearer.

“I don’t think there’s any question but that’s the case just in the way that he conducts himself and goes to such a low level,” Corker said. “I just. I do. But look, I mean the rest of us need to do what we can to act as statesmen and to try to move our nation ahead and a time when we have a leader such as we have now.”

Corker gave his Republican colleagues a pass in response to a reporter who asked if they need to speak up.

“I can’t speak to what other people should do. Corker said. “I would never want to you know do or say something that puts people that I serve with, in an uncomfortable place.”

A reporter asked if he regretted campaigning for Trump. Corker said he really did not campaign for Trump. He said he went to Raleigh when Trump was considering him for the Vice Presidency. He said he told the Trump then he wouldn’t be Vice President and in an embarrassing moment the president called him out on stage.

Corker gave a harsh parting shot at the end of the interview.

“But look, we are where we are as a country and again I think what we need to do is support him when he’s right,” Corker said. “Check him when he is wrong which is plenty. And try to conduct ourselves in a manner that brings out the best of the American people when our president obviously does not conduct himself that way. His governing model is to divide and to attempt to bully and to use untruth.”

When will the floodgates open from the Republican Party? Senator Corker and a few others are giving the timid ample opportunity even if to simply use his quotes. It is likely just a matter of time for this president.

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