/ trump shaking hands with putin... / released a cutting-edge and comprehensive list of Trump’s ties to Russia going back to 1979. The folks at began their compilation in February 2017 and since then, they have added 600 entries.

When it comes to Donald Trump, his campaign and their dealings with Russia past and present, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of all the players without a scorecard. We have one of sorts — a deeply comprehensive timeline detailing what actually happened and what’s still happening in the ever-changing story of the president, his inner circle and a web of Russian oligarchs, hackers and government officials.

Each story title listed in Moyer’s piece also includes related information and links. In other words, there is a story behind every title.

Below are random titles I chose by year, which give a very small glimpse into the 600 stories you can scan or read in full on the page. So many titles deem worthy of emphasizing with bold lettering, but I held back. In no way do the titles below represent the number of stories, work, energy and investigation the folks at put into creating their timeline, but it will give readers an idea of how far back the Trump-Russian ties go and perhaps perk the interest of many to get good, reputable timeline information.

In piece on their website, each title/story is listed by the month as well as the year. I chose random titles, but listed them by year going backwards to the 1970s and stopping at the firing of FBI Director James Comey by Trump in 2017. The actual piece, though, brings readers up to the present. So here we go…

·      1979: Roy Cohn Introduces Trump to Nixon ‘Dirty Trickster’ Roger Stone

·      1980: Stone and [Paul] Manafort Go Into Business

·      1984: Alleged Russian Mobster Buys Condos in Trump Tower

·      1988: Stone Urges Trump to Run for President

·      1998: Russia’s Stock Market Collapses

·      1998: Trump World Tower Attracts Russian Money

·      2006: Manafort Pitches Himself to Russian Oligarch

·      2006: Trump’s Children Visit Moscow

·      2017: Trump Praises Putin

·      2008: Don Jr.: ‘Russian Money is Pouring In’

·      2012 Manafort Is Deep in Debt to Russian Interests

·      2013: Trump: ‘Will [Puitin] Become My New Best Friend?

Throughout the piece, numerous titles show how Trump continuously praises Putin. Not all are mentioned here.

·      2014:    Eric Trump Supposedly Brags About Russian Funding… 

        2014: Trump (via Fox & Friends) Says Putin Contacted Him in November

·      2014: Trump: ‘Putin Sent Me a Present’

·      2014: Trump Boasts about Relationship with Putin

·      2015: Flynn Promotes Joint US-Russia Nuclear Project in Mideast

·      2015—2017: 150 Million Americans Exposed to Russian-Government Linked Troll Farm

·      2015: FBI Notifies DNC of Possible Russian Hacking

·      2015: Trump: ‘I Was With [Russian] Oligarchs and Generals’

·      2015: Trump Says He’s Met Putin

·      2015: Trump Signs Letter of Intent for Trump Tower in Moscow

·      2015 European Allies Observe Trump-Russia Links

·      2015: Trump: ‘I Got to Know [Putin] Very Well’

Things begin to really unfold in the 2016 campaign/election year.

·      2016: Flynn Denies Taking Money From Russia

·      2016: Trump Identifies Page and Papadopoulos as Foreign Policy Advisors

·      2016: DNC Reports Suspicious Computer Activity to FBI

·      2016: [Jeff] Sessions Meets Kislyak at Mayflower Hotel

·      2016: Private Security Firm Identifies Russian Hackers

·      2016: Don Jr., Manafort, Kushner Meet With Russian Lawyer

·      2016 [Julian] Assange Says He Has Clinton emails

·      2016: Paul Ryan and GOP Leadership Joke About Trump-Russia Ties

·      2016: CIA Director Fears American Election Is Under Attack

·      2016: Papadopoulos Reportedly Says Trump Campaign Has Approved Russia Meeting

·      2016: FBI Closes Investigation Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails

·      2016: Trump Campaign Successfully Changes GOP Platform on Ukraine

·      2016: Bloomberg: Trump’s Debts Doubled in Year Before Campaign

·      2016: Trump (via Twitter): DNC Leak Is Because ‘Putin Likes Me’

·      2016: Trump Exhorts Russia to Hack Clinton’s Email Server

Then, the FBI formally opens an investigation into ‘possible’ collusion

·      2016: Trump Adviser Denies Russia Seized Crimea

·      2016: Sessions Defends Trump’s Approach to Russia

·      2016 Intelligence Community Convenes Task Force on Russian Election Meddling

·      2016: GOP Consultant Coordinates With Hacker

·      2016: Trump Campaign Encourages ‘Off-The-Record’ Meeting [with Russian officials]

·      2016: Manafort Resigns from Trump Campaign, Gates Remains

·      2016: Russian Trolls Organize Trump Events in Florida

·      2016: Hacker Gives Documents to GOP Operative

·      2016: CIA Director Briefs Member of Congress on Trump-Russia Connection

·      2016: Sessions Meets Russian Ambassador in His Senate Office

Multiple titles in the timeline state: ‘Hacker Leaks More DNC Documents.’ Meanwhile, Trump continues to give himself away in regards to Russian ties.

·      2016: Top Democrats Release Statement on Russian Interference

·      2016: Trump Denies Meeting Putin

·      2016: David Corn Breaks ‘Steele Dossier’ Story

The piece then jumps to ‘Election Day troubles. Reports show that prior to the election, Russian hackers tagged the election in at least 21 states. Among the victims was VR Systems, an outside vendor that operates voting systems in North Carolina and other [key] states.

·      2016: Russian Parliament Celebrates Trump’s Victory

·      2016: [John] McCain Delivers ‘Steele Dossier’ to FBI Director Comey

·      2016: Manafort Denies Receiving $12 Million From Ukraine

·      2016: Fomer Trump Campaign Surrogate Discusses Sanctions With Russian Businessmen

·      2016: Tiller son a ‘Gift for Putin’

·      2016: Kushner Establishes Private Email Account for Government Business

Now we start a new year.

·      2017: Trump (via Twitter) attack’s Intelligence Community

·      2017: CIA, FBI, NSA: ‘Putin Orders an Influence Campaign in 2016’

·      2017: Comey Meets Trump for the First Time

·      2017: Buzz Feed Publishes ‘Steele Dossier’

·      2017: Sen. Al Franken Puts Sessions on the Spot

·      2017: Trump Dismisses ‘Steele Dossier’ as ‘Fake News’

·      2017: GOP Blocks Effort to Clarify Trump-Russia Collusion

·      2017: Trump Refuses to Divest Business Holdings

·      2017: Trump Says ‘We Should Trust Putin’; Blasts Steele

·      2017: Pence Denies Contacts Between Russian and the Trump Campaign

·      2017: Trump Considers Lifting Sanctions to Russian

·      2017: Trump to Comey: ‘I Need Loyalty’

·      2017 Trump Fires [DOJ acting AG] Sally Yates

·      2017: Senators Propose Bill Banning Trump From Lifting Russia Sanctions

·      2017: Russian Oligarch in Miami the Same Weekend Trump Is at Mar-a-Lago

·      2017: Trump Wants a Billionaire Friend to ‘Investigate’ Intelligence Agencies

·      2017: Priebus Can’t Get the Story of Flynn’s Firing Straight

·      2017: Trump Attack’s the Press After Every New Trump-Russia Story

Given all of the aforementioned, in 2017 the GOP blocked efforts to clarify Trump-Russian collusion. And why not—the 2016 Election benefited all of the GOP. Why mess things up with an investigation into foreign interference and more alleged Trump corruption?

And so it continues:

·      2017 Don Jr. Denies Any Campaign Contacts with Russians

·      2017: Sessions Denies Russia Connections

·      2017: Russian Behind Ukraine Meeting Dies

·      2017: Former Trump Campaign Advisers Admit Meeting With Russians

·      2017: Trump Claims President Obama Wiretapped His Phones

·      2017: FBI Asks DOJ to Deny False Wiretapping Claims

·      2017: WikiLeaks Releases CIA Documents (Asasange later threatens to leak more CIA hacking methods)

·      2017: Trump Fires US Attorney Preet Bharara and 45 Other US Attorneys

·      2017: [Roger] Stone Admits Communicating With Hacker

·      2017: House Intelligence Committee Invites Yates To Testify

Even though House Intelligence Committee dismissed Trump’s tweeted wiretap claims, the worried man in the Oval Office refuses to accept that decision and posts angry Russia-related tweets the day of Comey’s testimony.

Meanwhile Trump actually ‘asks’ intelligence leaders to deny Trump-Russian collusion evidence. That same month, Trump asked senior intelligent officials to get Comey off his back.

·      2017: Stone Denies Contact With Russia

·      2017: New York Times Reports Undisclosed Meeting Between Kushner and Russian Banker

·      2017 Senate Intelligence Committee Hears Tales of Mysterious Russian Deaths

·      2017: Flynn Offers to Testify in Exchange for Immunity

·      Then Trump has quite the nerve to ask former FBI Director James Comey to ‘Lift the Cloud’ of the Russian Investigation, while calling the investigation a ‘hoax’ a ‘witch-hunt’ and fake news.

·      2017: White House Won’t Release Documents on Flynn’s Foreign Lobbying

·      2017: Yates and Clapper to Testify Before Senate Committee

·      2017: [James] Comey Testifies That DNC Hacking Came From Russia Trump then decides to fire FBI director

Trump decides to fire FBI director Comey…

The piece goes on right up to present and shows no signs of stopping. It’s the most comprehensive and easily to read timeline piece I’ve come across. This should be required reading for all Americans (especially The Resistance), as it’s an educational and revealing tool into Trump’s controversial and questionable reign. It also may help the intelligence community to prove there was, indeed, Russian collusion by Trump and his affiliates who encouraged illegal foreign interference into the 2016 elections.

Thank you to the folks at and thank you to the well-respected and admired Bill Moyers, who often contributes to Daily Kos.

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