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Screencapture / CBS News

The signs of disharmony in the Trump marriage, if not disgust on the part of the First Lady, are starting to mount up very tellingly. First, Melania stayed states away from Trump when he was elected. Then the first year tweet in which Melania said how wonderful it was being FLOTUS that did not include Trump in the picture.

Then Trump was left out of the picture again, when last week their 13th anniversary was ignored on Twitter, Trump’s medium of choice, for the first time ever. Then of course the cancellation of the Davos trip and flight to Mar-a-Lago. Maher cracked a great line, “Trump’s presidency, like his marriage, is more valuable to him as an idea than a reality.” 

“It was their anniversary this week—their 13th anniversary—and of course Trump said the wrong thing: ‘Thirteen years together. I would buy you all over again,’” cracked Maher. “No, he didn’t. Actually, it’s sadder than that: they didn’t say anything. They didn’t have dinner, no tweets back and forth about that, nothing. And Melania was supposed to go to Davos with him but at the last minute didn’t. They said ‘scheduling and logistical reasons.’ Yeah, that’s bureaucrat talk for, ‘Why don’t you take the porn star you were fucking?’”

“Oh, Melania,” uttered Maher. “Melania, baby, you gotta knit yourself a pussy hat, I’m tellin’ ya! This is how bad it’s gotten: instead of going to Davos with her husband, Melania went to the Holocaust Museum to cheer up. She signed the guest book: ‘I know the feeling.’ And she lit a candle to mourn the dark day two weeks ago when Trump’s doctor said he was in good health. Then it was off to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Trophy Wife.

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