Bill Barr Warns Trump That Giuliani Is Trouble, Trump Doesn’t Want To Cut Him Loose


If we were to draft a satire on a reverse Don Quixote figure, one devoted not to high moral purpose but strictly to himself, say, “Don Trump-ote de la New York,” Rudy Giuliani would assuredly be cast in the Sancho Panza role, hands down. Rudy and Rudy alone has been willing to sally forth, righting all Trump-wrongs and tripping on his own tongue, whether Trump has egregiously committed them himself or someone has spoken against him. Rudy Giuliani is the only defender that Trump has in his realm that he can absolutely count upon to always be there. That’s why Giuliani is still in power in Trumpworld, despite the discontented rumblings of Jarvanka and the defection of Fox News, two major storm warnings that nobody else in Trump’s orbit would be able to withstand. Now, adding to that general unease is William Barr chiming in, that Giuliani has become more liability than asset. Washington Post:

In several conversations in recent months, Attorney General William P. Barr has counseled Trump in general terms that Giuliani has become a liability and a problem for the administration, according to multiple people familiar with the conversations. In one discussion, the attorney general warned the president that he was not being well-served by his lawyer, one person with knowledge of the episode said.

Barr certainly would have cause to make that statement, considering the fact that Rudy has become both a central figure in a shadow government scandal with people who have since been arrested, his cohorts Parnas and Fruman, and his efforts abroad as “consultant” wherein he basically peddles access to the presidency and the levers of power of the United States government — and the man is not an elected or appointed official, merely a pro bono personal attorney.

In the three years since Trump took office, Giuliani has expanded his lucrative foreign consulting and legal practice, taking on clients that span the globe, from Turkey to Venezuela to Romania to Ukraine.

Along the way, he also has used his singular perch to try to influence U.S. policy and criminal investigations — at times pushing the interests of foreign figures who could benefit him financially.

In 2017, Giuliani tried to get Trump and top Cabinet members to make moves sought by Turkey while working as a lawyer for a gold trader from that country with ties to top government officials. This spring, he successfully helped oust U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, a top target of a Ukrainian prosecutor whom he considered representing in a six-figure contract. In September, he urged Justice Department officials not to pursue a case against a wealthy Venezuelan energy executive who had hired him as a private attorney.

It’s been argued that it’s frequently unclear just who Giuliani is representing, himself, Trump, or his private clients. Most likely the answer is a mishmash of all the above, with the emphasis changing on a daily basis to suit whatever matter is most pressing to Giuliani at any given moment. Despite what is an obvious case of conflict of interests, Giuliani steadfastly maintains that it’s not necessary for him to register as a foreign agent. And bear in mind that Giuliani is being investigated by SDNY, the same entity that he headed at one point, and they are scrutinizing both his consulting business, and his role in the Ukraine scandal, that fomented the House impeachment inquiry.

Dealing with Giuliani has become a Faustian bargain for Trump. Yes, he could count upon Giuliani to get right on the television and defend him against his pussy-grabber comments, when nobody else would do so. But on the other hand, Giuliani’s blunders have, in essence, waltzed Trump right through the gates of impeachment. If Jarvanka, Fox News, and now Bill Barr are concerned, it’s not without good cause. Giuliani is openly selling the presidency.

In one meeting with a prominent Ukrainian political figure in early 2018, Giuliani was explicit that hiring him would provide a route to the president, according to a person in attendance.

“It was just so clear what he was peddling. He was pushing for business, and his pitch was, ‘I’m close to the White House, I’m close to Trump. If you want to get in there, I’m your guy,’ ” the person said. In that case, the Ukrainian did not hire Giuliani.

Giuliani has boasted that he’s made millions of dollars since Trump was elected. Be that as it may, like so much else in Trumpworld, it looks like this little house of cards may be ready to topple soon. It’s not over until it’s over.

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Trump can’t be advised, they are all there just to kiss his ass. I can’t fathom being in this cult of any other.


Barr should fear Rudy-Tooty ..after all he is the grenade with the.loose fitting pin