Bill Barr is on his way out the door. December 23 is his last day. As a parting shot, he will not appoint a special counsel to investigate voter fraud, as was discussed at Donald Trump’s martial law summit at the White House this weekend. So there’s the pin in that balloon.

Meanwhile the Warlord of Wingnuttia, Lin Wood, contributes this.

Well, I guess if you can’t get the special prosecutor, you negotiate for something else that you can’t get, right? If you’re wondering how Minnesota got into this august company, Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy, is from Minnesota and he’s bankrolling this farce right now.

Max Boot has a column up, “Trump saved the worst for last.”

Trump’s singular focus since the election has been on overturning the results even at the cost of destroying U.S. democracy. For more than six weeks, Trump has been spewing conspiracy theories about nonexistent election fraud — claims that have been rejected in 59 court cases and counting, including by Trump-appointed judges.

On Friday, as the New York Times first reported, Trump met at the White House with retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a pardoned felon, and attorney Sidney Powell, who was fired from the Trump legal team after promoting conspiracy theories about the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez too wacky even for Trump. Trump reportedly discussed with the duo Flynn’s idea of declaring martial law and having the military “rerun” the election — or, failing that, appointing Powell as a special counsel to probe (nonexistent) election fraud.

These dangerous ideas may not be implemented, but simply the fact that they are being discussed marks a new low. Never before in U.S. history has there been a record of a president discussing a military coup to stay in office. Is there any doubt that if Trump could find any active-duty generals willing to carry out this plot against America, he would give it the go-ahead? In this instance, all that is preserving the Constitution is the military’s fidelity to the rule of law. […]

There are many other Trump transgressions since the election. He has purged the senior leadership of the Pentagon and installed conspiracy-mongering loyalists in their place. He has fired a senior cybersecurity official, Christopher Krebs, for attesting that the election was free of fraud. He unloaded on Attorney General William P. Barr for not doing more to politicize his department, leading to Barr’s departure. He has pulled U.S. troops out of Somalia just as a new al-Shabab plot to attack the United States was uncovered. He has held holiday parties that undoubtedly spread covid-19. And there is certainly worse to come — including a pardon-palooza that would put Trump cronies and family members beyond the reach of the law. […]

Thus the Trump presidency ends as it began — with Trump denying the reality of Russian cyberattacks and serving as an apologist for the dictator in the Kremlin. Gregory F. Treverton, the former chairman of the National Intelligence Council, told The Post that Trump “behaves so much like a paid Russian agent. If you look at the string of his actions and pronouncement, the only consistent interpretation that you can logically draw is that he’s in their thrall.”

The tragedy of all this is how normal it’s become. At any other time in history if a sitting president had dropped all pretense of governing and focused on cobbling together a coup as a means of staying in power, headlines would be screaming the fact. But because it’s Trump we just look at it and then look at our calendars and watches and wonder how much more we need to endure.

I remember once taking a hike with the Sierra Club and the person who booked us on the hike didn’t understand the codes in the catalog and she put us up for a hike that was way too strenuous for most of us to do. At the end there was a band of us stumbling along and rolling our eyes and I dubbed the hike a “death march.” The guy next to me had a watch that clocked distance and even though he kept telling us how many more quarter miles we had, we couldn’t believe him because it felt like so much more. It was simply excruciating. Living through the last month of Trump feels exactly like that. Ouch.

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  1. Trump cannot destroy US Democracy as the Bible says this world power goes to its demise at the hands of Gods Kingdom. No human can overrule what God says.

  2. It is indeed agonizing and dangerous. Thank God the military will not be a party of this treasonous seditious talk. Any other time, the President would be removed for treason or by the 25th Amendment. It should have happened but hasn’t. Thirty more days!! Almost twenty-nine. God help us endure and pray that something worse will not happen!!

  3. Something worse will happen. He is encouraging riots in DC and he will be in Florida. He will do anything he can to disrupt Biden’s inauguration. With the intelligent military officers removed russia is pushing the limits. donnie sure appears to be a traitor who only cares for himself and his daughter. Not sure where he is going to go after the 20th but you can bet he has something planned. If pence had a set he would have enacted amendment 25. Instead he is going to check out Europe to find a place to hide with mother. Watch out mother there are a lot of beautiful women in Europe. NOt that any of them would be interested in him


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