Bill Barr Contradicts himself — and blames Dems and the Media

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Of course, that only means Bill Barr is a good Republican, where contradictions, take-backs, and double-talkare No Problems!  (They are essential “Qualifications” instead)  Republicans are anything but “consistent” on that lack-of-integrity issue. The more double-talk the better; it makes them “sound” intelligent to their raving simpletons — when in real-world fact, they are anything but.

Case in point.  In Bill Barr’s first attempt to cover-up dismiss the findings of the Mueller Report, he made these bold claims:

“I believe that it is in the public interest …”

Notice his use of the word “summarize” to describe his (uncalled for) Mueller-translating effort.  Well, in Bill Barr’s second attempt to back-track to clarify what he really meant in his first Trump-clearing “ruling”, that word “summary” becomes a major point of contention.

Barr now claims the previous letter was not a “summary”, Barr claims that people are putting words in his mouth, accusing him of things he did not do.  Barr now claims he did not “summarize” Mueller’s conclusions — in the public interest — when his previous announcement, clearly claimed he did:

“I do not believe it would be in the public’s interest …”

Which is it, Bill — are your conclusions in the public’s interest or NOT?  Which is it, Bill — is it a summary of Mueller’s “principle conclusions” — or is it NOT a summary?

   Rational, logically minded people really want to know.

This may seem like a trivial exercise in weasel-word semantics. Yet is it much more than that. This is an exercise in sussing out Bill Barr’s true intent.  Is Bill Barr working for the American People — or is he really secretly working for Donald J Trump?

The Attorney General’s own double-talking words — penned to official documents — betray his innate Executive-privilege duplicity.  Barr’s non-denial denials bloviating proclamations stain everything he says and does, with respect to the high position he now holds.  Barr respects truth, accuracy, and transparency about as much as Trump does — which is to say, not a whit.

Barr is now attempting to have it both ways: that of quietly being a Trump Loyalist “Fixer,” while on the other hand, pretending to be a fair-minded arbiter, far far above the political fray.

Too bad for him, his own words betray him.  The American People have his “both sides” number, and that number clearly puts him, now among one of Trump’s top stooges … (in the eyes of truth-seeking Americans).

No wonder the autocrat-loving Donald Trump picked him, for the most important white-washing job, of Trump’s long legally-challenged career.

And that’s saying something!                 (See the opening graph, or click the link below).

Exclusive: Trump’s 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee — June 1, 2016

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Robert Burnett
Robert Burnett

Your reputation was always known as a crook, so now you have shown us the truth. Your days are numbered. Your fat a$$ would look good in prison orange.

Real Patriot
Real Patriot

Lock them all up, melt the keys! LOL