This is a brief diary of very, very, super good news! My apologies if someone else has already posted about this but I am so damn excited that this day has finally come. Biden’s postal board nominees were confirmed by the Senate yesterday in a voice vote. Hooray! 

USPS board’s governors now mostly Biden picks following latest Senate confirmations

Jory Heckman@jheckmanWFED

May 13, 2022 8:00 am
The Postal Service is adding new members to its board at a time when the agency is looking to implement sweeping reforms and advance one of the largest acquisitions of vehicles in the federal government. 
The Senate, in a voice vote Thursday, confirmed President Joe Biden’s two latest members to the USPS Board of Governors.

Dan Tangherlini, the former head of the General Services Administration, will serve a term that lasts through December 2027. Derek Kan, a former deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, will serve on a term through December 2028.

Once Tangherlini and Kan are sworn in, a majority of the nine presidentially appointed, Senate-confirmed seats on the USPS Board of Governors will be Biden nominees……

This is amazing! The Postal Board of Governors now has the numbers needed to remove the corrupt, corrosive Louis DeJoy and hopefully will take that action as first order of business. 

And on the environmental side of the USPS gas vs electric fleet here is more good news from the same article:

Congress wants new environmental analysis of USPS vehicles

USPS also faces intense scrutiny over its plans for a next-generation delivery vehicle fleet made up of mostly gas-powered vehicles.

The House Oversight and Reform Committee advanced a bill Wednesday that would require USPS to conduct a new environmental impact statement (EIS), which accounts for the costs and benefits of electric and gas-powered vehicles in its future fleet……

Sidenote, I want to point out to all the Joe Manchin haters who think he is worthless and should just go be part of the GOP, as loathsome as he is, if he wasn’t a Democrat this wouldn’t have been possible. As infuriating as they are, if it wasn’t for Joe Manchin (and Kyrsten Sinema) being Democrats, we would be stuck with Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and we all know he never would have brought any of Bidens nominees to a Senate floor vote. 

Yes, 100% we need more and better Democrats come November to make Manchin and Sinema less relevant but I would much rather limp along with them than not have control of the Senate. 

This is good new all around. I am so excited and relieved. This has many implications for the November elections and voter mail-in ballots not getting delayed,  “lost” or flat out not delivered.   


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