It came out quietly, almost anti climatically, by email. California Senator Kamala Harris is Joe Biden’s choice for Vice President of the United States.

And I’m certainly down with that. On all honesty, she was my second pick.  My pick would have  been Susan Rice for VP, because of her executive experience as Obama’s National Security  Adviser, and because it would have left Harris free to be the next Attorney General.

But the upside to this pick are almost boundless. Harris gave as good as she got in the primary debates, showing passion as well as wit. If Donald Trump thinks that he’s going to bully Kamala Harris around with his sexist bullshit, he has another thought coming. Harris comes to the fight with two weapons that Trump lacks, a spine, and a vocabulary. I see another cognitive skills test in Trump’s near future.

Also, just sit back, smile, close your eyes, sigh and think of the Vice Presidential debate! In 2016 Tim Kaine kicked Mike Pence’s ass all over the stage in their debate. Pence, with his natural corn fed feeling of evangelical superiority, is going to badly underestimate Harris, and he’ll wear the scars long after the debate. Harris will come loaded for bear, fully armed with Pence’s three years of ass kissing toadyism,  and while Trump would dive right into the mud, Pence will be gun shy about offending female voters who are already fleeing the party by coming down too hard on Harris.

So there you have it. The team is now in place, and let the games begin. This should be a helluva lot of fun to watch for the next 85 days.

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