Dr. Mehmet Oz and Herschel Walker were both appointed to the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition by twice-popular-voter-loser former President Donald Trump. Both are running for the Senate; Oz in Pennsylvania, Walker in Georgia.

Per the Hatch Act, special government employees like Oz and Walker are not permitted to run for partisan office while they conduct office government business. This the president sent both of them letters asking for their resignations by the end of the day.

Walker has not commented publicly, but Oz had a downright tizzy on Twitter.


For the non-tweeters:

I received this letter on behalf of @POTUS requesting I resign from the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition. It’s sad that he would politicize such an important issue like health. The doctor he should ask to resign is Dr. Fauzi, for a multitude of obvious reasons.

He went on to further tweet:

With that said, I am beyond grateful to President Trump for appointing me to this very prestigious & important position. I am also grateful to my colleagues on the committee & proud of everything we were able to achieve. However, I have no intention of resigning.

If President Biden wants to politicize health, he will have to fire me. You would think record gas prices, a 40-year inflation high, and the situation in Ukraine would be his highest priorities at the moment.

Oz, notorious for his pseudo-science beliefs, hucksterism, and all-around quackery, was quick to try to deflect the conversation to Dr. Anthony Fauci, noted actual medical scientist and non-violator of the Hatch Act. Oz is simply being told to obey the rules or resign. Of course he will do neither. That would interfere with his grifting gravy train. He wants Biden to fire him so he can use it in his Senate campaign. 

Oz knows what the law is. He simply refuses to abide by it. Not the best quality in a Senate hopeful. I have faith that if he wins the Republican primary, Pennsylvania voters will make sure he never makes it to the Senate.

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