Biden Leads, but Warren Charges in New Iowa Caucus Poll

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A new Monmouth poll released yesterday finds that Joe Biden still leads a large Democratic pack, with 28% of the people polled preferring Biden. However, the real story in the poll is the huge gains made by Elizabeth Warren, who at 19% is now within single digit percentages of Vice President Biden. Kamela Harris pulls up at 3rd with 11% and beloved Bernie falls to 9%, his lowest rating this year.

The rest of the candidates, even Mayor Pete, did not garner sufficient percentages to warrant mention in this article. But they have time, still.

It is near a rite of entry for people populating progressive websites to sneer at anyone who offers full-throated support of Biden. I find that both rude and arrogant. Joe Biden has dedicated 40 years of his life to this nation, through periods in which citizens demanded different policy than those at the forefront today. Anyone with any familiarity with the news over those forty years also knows that he is also universally seen as an extremely nice and caring man. He would make a fine president.

I just believe Elizabeth Warren would make an even better president and candidate. It has nothing to do with the fact that Elizabeth Warren is a woman. I would vote for a white man who imbued his campaign with the ideas and charm that Warren possesses. I also live with two women, my wife and young daughter. I have no need to add a third as a significant part of my life.

I do, however, need a president who can lead, lead with her heart and her head. I also need a candidate who can stand up to Trump and intimidate him, as she surely can as a former Harvard law professor not afraid of a fight. I strongly believe that Warren has demonstrated those qualities – to this point, it is early and things can change – demonstrated it more than any of the other 83 candidates for the Democratic nomination.

It does not hurt that Warren seems to have a plan for near everything, which would be a refreshing change from a man who cannot seem to form a plan after the fact.

Apparently, it is not just me who feels this way, and I suspect this growth is but a seed. The trajectory of her candidacy is that of someone that can wholly unify the party, and I am not positive that can be said of any other candidate, at least not to that extent.

True, Trump and the Right-Wing will call her a socialist. I am at a loss as to explain why that matters one bit. Do you harbor any doubt that Trump and his Trumpers will call any Democratic candidate a socialist? Of course not. So, in my mind, we may as well vote for a woman whose plans most promote social justice, a term I believe she would wear with pride.

I am still wide open to changing my mind, and look forward to hearing others’ ideas in the comments. The expanding comments section makes this work infinitely more enjoyable. Often, the real analysis begins after the sign off.



Peace, y’all, and good job, Liz.


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True Patriot
True Patriot

Elizabeth is my choice too, she has excitement, positive energy and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Joe does not excite me one bit, and I think he is too old. Sorry.