Sorry, Putin, looks like your days of pushing around the White House are over. America has a real President again, one who is not afraid to directly confront you about interfering in our democracy. Or about arresting political dissidents.

Oh, and that thing about putting bounties on American troops. Remember that? Because we, and President Biden, aren’t going to let you forget about that one any time soon.

I’m sure it was nice dealing with a total boot-licking pushover, but those times are over. Enjoy the new world order.

Via Axios:

President Biden on Tuesday held his first call since taking office with Vladimir Putin, pressing the Russian president on the arrest of opposition leader Alexey Navalny and the Russia-linked hack on U.S. government agencies, AP reports.

Biden also planned to raise arms control, bounties allegedly placed on U.S. troops in Afghanistan and the war in Ukraine, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki

Daily Kos


  1. Putin is a paper tiger. Biden is not the over-inflated used orange condom that has been stationed in the seat behind the Resolute Desk for the last 4 years. Biden has a long history of dealing with Vlad, and the attacks Vlad has perpetrated on neighbors a global Democracy.

    Putin rightly figured he could screw the chimp in office up until now, the chimp has been replaced with King Kong… Now would be a very good time for Vlad to put it back in his pants. Before Joe shows him the end of his dangly bits he’s never seen before.


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