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The first week of 2018 proved to be a tough one for Donald Trump and this week hasn’t started out much better.

Let’s review:

Early last week, a few quotes from Steve Bannon, former Chief White House Strategist emerged out of an upcoming book by Michael Wolff called “Fire and Fury.” In one of the excerpts, Bannon alluded Trump/Trump family members had committed treason-like acts and at minimum colluded with Russians.

On Wednesday, threats came from Trump’s legal team to stop the release of Wolff’s book, which lead to an advanced book release. ”Fire and Fury” drops a plethora of bombshells that include alleged secrets told to Wolff by White House insiders and outsiders that berate, humiliate and possibly incriminate Trump. 

Over the weekend, Trump attempts to discredit Wolff, but ends up helping book sales by publically mentioning the book’s title again and again…and again. Trump also helped verify Mike Wolff’s claims of Trump’s non-presidential behavior by tweeing out, to the world, some pathetically frenzied, unstable and immature responses.  Here is a screenshot of the three most delirious Trump tweets of the weekend.


Today in Monday morning news, reports reveal Trump’s less than diligent work day. The man occupying the Oval Office supposedly doesn’t get rolling until 11am and then takes excessive breaks.

It doesn’t take long for Twitter to react to news about Trump. On this Monday morning, the singer, actress, comedian and activist Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) took to her Twitter account, which contains millions of followers, to deliver a thump to Trump’s his current work habits. 

Here is Midler’s tweet enlarged—followed by the original tweet. 

Bette Midler (@BetteMidler)

“Trump doesn’t start work til 11AM & takes ‘executive time’ breaks all day. Thank god he’s lazy & not devoted to fucking things up

She makes an excellent point for when we find ourselves bitching about Trump’s time golfing. Think of what harm he could be doing to the world instead. 

Midler is a great entertainer. If there were awards for Trump Twitter Quips, she would be up for top honors. Cheers to all the celebrities who continue to risk losing fans to bravely speak out against one of the most corrupt Republican administrations in American history. As for Miss Devine’—she need not worry about losing fans. It would be no stretch to say she most likely increases her following each time she takes a swing at Trump. 

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