Bernie Sanders Is Playing With Fire, Slams Warren, Biden


Oh boy.

Well, here goes nothing, I should know better, but …

Bernie Sanders has gone on the attack, and it isn’t in a good way, directed at Donald Trump.

Nope, the Sanders campaign is now strongly attacking both Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Yes, we do want a fighter. We want a fighter for all Democrats, and even all independents.

Politico has some more details about how it is all happening through a script volunteers are to read:

The script instructs Sanders volunteers to tell voters leaning toward the Massachusetts senator that the “people who support her are highly-educated, more affluent people who are going to show up and vote Democratic no matter what” and that “she’s bringing no new bases into the Democratic Party.”

No “new bases”?


Twitter is lit with people proclaiming that Sanders is the one person who would lose the race to Trump. Indeed, the Obama campaign’s Jim Messina says that Trump likely wants to run against Sanders. Trump will want to run against the supposed “socialist” platform. I don’t believe that is necessarily true, or at least I never used to assume it to be true. I am starting to wonder.

I do know this. The more Democrats tear at each other, the easier time Trump will have. The more invested each Democrat becomes in his or her candidate, to the point of hostility to another, the more we ensure that some unenthusiastic voters stay home, ones needed versus Trump.

I don’t want to hear any Democratic candidate tell me why another has a problem. Never. I will figure that out myself. I want to hear why a candidate believes he or she is the best person to defeat Trump and instill sanity again. It is the only platform in which I’m interested.

I still haven’t decided who I will support.

But I will rule out anyone who is blasting other candidates in an attempt to get that person out of the race. I do not consider the above to be “blasting,” but it’s damned close, putting down the supporters of someone else, defining them with damning “praise.”

I do not understand how it is that this has happened twice now, and Democrats don’t seem to learn. To be honest, it does seem like a feature, not a bug, to the Sanders movement. It is frustrating to see, maddening to think about. The consequences are way too severe to be playing with this kind of fire.

If Sanders wins the nomination by destroying the other Democratic candidates such that he infuriates voters from other camps, what good does that do Sanders?

None. It means he will lose the general election. Any candidate, including Sanders, needs to convince people across a broad spectrum of beliefs, and will need every Democrat, to the right and left.

The Sanders campaign better get a grip on itself, and start looking at the big-picture landscape. I haven’t ruled anyone out yet, and I sure don’t want to before even Iowa. But I am damned close.

And I even like Bernie.

UPDATE offered without comment:


Peace, y’all

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carol levy
carol levy
Sanders last election showed us he is all about himself when he refused to essentially release his voters keeping them in the so called bernie cult and lets not forget I am seeing this same mindset on twitter not only with bernie supporters but the “yanggang” toio the election should be ours to lose and if we see same partisanship – my guy or the highway we will lose. perosn on twitter telling me he is for sanders and wont vote at all if he is not the nominee. When I reply we must vote blue no matter who… Read more »
David Bishop
David Bishop

I don’t know why they all fear trump so much. Like you point out, the ONLY platform at this point is the excision of trump the tumor.