‘Bernie Sanders and the Five Dwarves’ Is Still the Size Of It

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Earlier in the week CNN’s Chris Cillizza ran a column, “Bernie and the Five Dwarves” where he cited the results of the most recent polls, which showed Bernie Sanders with twice the support of any of the other candidates. Cillizza made the comment that national polls aren’t necessarily the best indicators of how people in a given state will vote. But considering that Bernie just walked away with the Nevada caucus, it would appear that prologue is prophecy. Here’s what else Cillizza said. CNN:

Sanders stands alone at 28% — almost double the support of his next closest challengers: former Vice President Joe Biden (16%), former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg (15%) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts (13%). Former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is at 10% and Minnesota’s Sen. Amy Klobuchar is at 7%. […]

But the results in Iowa and New Hampshire only lend more credibility to Sanders’ status as a clear first among sort-of equals. He led the Iowa popular vote while apparently losing the delegate count by a fingernail. He won the New Hampshire primary. And polling in the lead-up to Saturday’s Nevada caucuses suggests he’s the likely winner there too.

Indeed we now know that’s the case. So are we about to get Bernie’s long promised revolution? Michael Bloomberg’s campaign has wasted no time in declaring that Saturday’s developments should make us all pause in horror.  New York Times:

Michael R. Bloomberg was not on the ballot in Nevada. But his campaign was quick to weigh in on the victory of Bernie Sanders, saying it would spell doom for the Democratic Party in November.

In a statement, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Kevin Sheekey, blamed a “fragmented field” of candidates for putting the Vermont senator on the path to the nomination. Implicit within those words was what appeared to be a warning shot to the other Democrats who remain in the race but are struggling to break through as the Sanders alternative: Drop out or Mr. Sanders will win.

“This is a candidate who just declared war on the so-called ‘Democratic Establishment,’” Mr. Sheekey added. “We are going to need Independents AND Republicans to defeat Trump — attacking your own party is no way to get started.”

I have to admit to surprise just short of astonishment that we’re here, but since we are I’ll say that if it’s a choice between Bloomberg or Sanders, I’ll take Sanders. The time to be pragmatic and come together as one is here and it is now. Believe me, I could recite you chapter and verse why Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg are far and away better candidates. As to Klobuchar, I give her all credit for having gotten this far. I would never have believed that would happen in a million years. But if we are here and this appears to be the clear trend — for the moment — Bernie as frontrunner, then I say go with it. What say you? Put your ideas about Bernie at the top of the Democratic ticket in the comments section and let’s try and get our bearings here.


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Elizabeth Gamble
Elizabeth Gamble

I agree we should unite around Bernie. People are crying out for authenticity.

carol levy
carol levy

authenticity? he calls himself “antiwar” but voted for 2 wars and for funding afghanistan war. “his “hawkish” support of Clinton’s military actions in the 1999 Kosovo War caused one of his advisers to quit. When antiwar activists occupied Sanders’ office in 1999 because of that support of Clinton’s war policies, he had them arrested. https://www.mintpressnews.com/bernie-sanders-voting-record-antithetical-to-his-purported-anti-war-stance/208066/

carol levy
carol levy

what I say is as author did polls not votes and neither are caucuses. Sanders will be a disaster. He is perfect fodder for GOP who will pounce on his praise for dictators. even dem senators have said no way his proposals can pass, he is too “left for many independents and GOPs who might be willing to vote dem this time. I will vote blue no matter who but pray to G-d it isnot Sanders because if we lose WH no coattails and senate will most probably stay in Moscow mitchs hands